Sharing the Treasure you have Received

Automatic Giving (ACH)

Automatic Giving (ACH) is a safe, convenient and very discerning way for you to consistently support our parish community. It also saves the parish the expense of printing and mailing.

Our Saint Ambrose Parish Business Office is available to help with any ACH needs!

  • Change ACH Amount: Increase or adjust your ACH withdrawal at any time.
  • Change Account Information: Mail, drop off or return to the PLC your new voided check or bank information in a sealed envelope marked ‘Business Office, ATTN: Lynn Rogers’
  • Change frequency of ACH: Contributions can be withdrawn weekly or
    once or twice a month. You can choose the 1st, 15th or both.
    Simply provide your preference, change at any time.
  • Stop ACH at any time. Allow 3 days of when you would like ACH stopped.

Your privacy matters to us. All your information is safe and secure.

Questions?  Email: | Call: 330-460-7335

Automatic Giving (ACH)

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I (we) hereby authorize Saint Ambrose Church, Brunswick, Ohio, to initiate debit entries, if necessary, credit entries and adjustments to my (our) Checking or Savings account indicated below and the depository named below to debit and, if necessary, credit the same such amount.
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Choose ONE of the following:

There are thousands of reasons to support the work of the Lord at Saint Ambrose.

…Thousands of young people come to Saint Ambrose each week to learn about Jesus Christ and to develop their God given gifts and talents. Saint Ambrose School, Littlest Angels Preschool and our Parish School of Religion work to help every child have the best possible education and faith formation.

…Thousands of people come to our parish throughout the year to find comfort, help and a feeling of home. We care for those who commend loved ones to God – provide counseling for those who are struggling and hurting – share food and basic essentials with our sisters and brothers who are in need. Thousands look to Saint Ambrose for help and hope.

…Thousands come to our parish to strengthen the bonds of faith and family. All of our parish events, festivals and programs are great ways to bring good people together centered on the Lord.

…And mostly, God blesses every sacrifice and offering we make – a thousandfold. As you tithe and make a generous sacrificial offering to God, the Lord will always find a way to thank you and bless you for your goodness.

What return can I make to the Lord, for all of God’s goodness to me?

– Psalm 116:12

Please consider signing up today.

Print, complete, sign and return the authorization form to the Parish Office with a VOIDED check.

DOWNLOAD: Saint Ambrose Automatic Giving (ACH) Form

As you reflect on the amount you would like automatically deducted from your checking or savings account, please consider that we are asking each family in our parish to offer one hour of weekly wages in thanks to God, and in support of our parish and school.   This simple formula has been provided to help you determine the amount of your contribution:

$_____per week x 52 weeks =  ____________
$_____for Christmas     +    ____________
$_____for Easter        +    ____________

TOTAL                        ____________
Weekly (TOTAL divided by 52): ____________
Monthly (TOTAL divided by 12):____________

You will receive only 2 envelope packets per year will include the Christmas and Easter schedules and Diocesan directed special collections, Holy Days and flower collections.


Please call Lynn Rogers at 330-460-7335 or email to

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the life of our parish community. God will bless our efforts and create a Catholic community of faith that is Alive in Christ and full of hope for the future.