…”For that day will assault everyone who lives on the face of the earth. Be vigilant at all times and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man.” Our Gospel from Luke on this First Sunday of Advent sets the tone for this season – it is a time for watching, waiting, and being alert.  We are called to be vigilant so we are prepared but also, we are called to be alert to notice the action and presence of God in our lives every day and all the time.   How can we use these days of Advent to be – vigilant and watchful for the Lord.

…Our Advent theme comes from a song we will be singing over these four weeks, “Son of God, Love Divine, come in to our lives”.  What a beautiful prayer for us to recite over and again – Son of God, Love Divine, come in to my life.”   It’s both our Advent prayer and God’s promise – God wants to come in to our lives….to be our light, our hope, and our peace.

…Today’s bulletin contains an Advent calendar.   Our Advent Challenge is to use these days to welcome Christ into our lives.  It’s also filled with suggestions that each of us can do to bring the light and presence of Christ to one another and our world.  Take the Advent Challenge.

…There are still some Little Blue Books available at the doors of the Church.  Two minutes a day can help you use these days of Advent to welcome your heart to the Lord.

…Today’s bulletin also contains the Advent Challenge.  It’s like an Advent Calendar in that it recommends a variety of spiritual and charitable activities for you to do over the 4 weeks of  Advent.  It’s a way to make these days of preparation a time of spiritual growth and awareness.  May we live and love in such a way that we recognize the presence and action of God.  Son of God, Love Divine, come in to our lives.

 …Many thanks to all who supported the #WeGiveCatholic day of giving.  All the funds will support our 12 days of Christmas ministry.  This special outreach happens for the 12 days before Christmas.  We are looking for you to nominate people in our community that need some extra hope and love this Christmas.  For 12 days one of our members will drop off small gifts to remind them of how much they are loved and cared for by God and our community.  We are also looking for some ‘angels’ who can help with the delivery.  For more information or to nominate someone or offer to help, contact lhomady@StAmbrose.us.

…The Women’s Guild will have Christmas wafers – oplatki – available after all the weekend Masses during Advent.

…This past Tuesday, a group of our members spent the night at Clark Elementary in Cleveland passing out all the coats/jackets/hats/gloves we’ve collected over the past six weeks.  Beyond words, thank you.  There was a spirit of joy and gratitude that filled the gym as families came in and were ‘overwhelmed’ by your goodness.  I watched children hugging their new, warm jackets.   You truly made the world – and our community – warmer and more loved by your thoughtfulness and goodness.  God bless you over and again for the good you do in the name of the Lord.  It’s a blessing beyond words for those we serve.  It’s humbling for me to see and experience your overwhelming goodness.

…BTW….at the end of the TurkeyBowl efforts….we collected almost 800 turkeys.  All of which have been distributed and put to great use.  Extra meals were prepared for thanksgiving – thanks to you.  We also gave families at the Coat Distro a turkey.  Many did not have turkey on Thanksgiving.  Even more humbling, many carried their turkey home as they do not drive/have a car.  Everyone was blessed by your goodness!

…This coming Friday is the Feast of Saint Ambrose of Milan.  He said over and again, “there is no duty more urgent than giving thanks.”  I thank God for you every day.  I ask God over and again to bless you for your goodness and the good we do together for the Lord.  Many thanks to all who took up the challenge of posting pictures of their gratitude during this Season of thanks.  It was great to see so much gratitude and thanksgiving all over social media.  It was a refreshing change.

…To help us celebrate our patronal feast, and to set the tone for this special time of year, our Music Ministry invites all of us to a special Advent Concert on Saturday, December 8th at 7 pm in the Church.  All of our music ministries will be present and it promise to be an inspiring and uplifting night.  Please invite your family and friends to join you.

…Next Saturday during the day is our Advent Tea.  It’s a highlight of Advent with great food, wonderful friendship and meaningful messages to help all the women of our parish (of every age) keep focused on the real reason for the season.  Son of God, come in to our lives.  All are welcome. For more information or tickets contact (hlanzarotta@StAmbrose.us).

…As you look through today’s bulletin, there really is something to help all of us use these Advent days to be vigilant and watchful for the Lord.  Please mark your calendars and make plans to join us at Saint Ambrose.

…If you are reading this online, don’t forget to join us on Sunday for Breakfast with St. Ambrose, St. Nick and their friends.  It’s an amazing K of C breakfast along with pics with Santa in the winter wonderland…and crafts for the kids.  Tickets are available at the door.  Please invite you kids and grandkids.

…May these days of Advent be blessed.  Watch your mail for the parish newsletter – The Angelus.  It, along with this bulletin, are filled with great information about ways to make this a blessed Advent for all.