Children’s Stewardship

At the beginning of the new school year, your child should have received Offertory Envelopes if they are a Stewardship logo with Wordsstudent at Saint Ambrose School or a student in PSR. The purpose of the Offertory Envelopes is not solely to ask your child to give to the church, but rather reflect upon how they shared their Time, Talent and Treasure within the last week.

When we share our gifts with others, we act as good Stewards and shine Christ’s love into the lives of others. Just as Mary said “yes” to God, we ask you to say “yes” to God and offer up your time, talent and treasure each week in order to serve others.

With these Offertory Envelopes, we ask you to do one of the following each week:

  • Write special intentions for those who you would like our Church to pray for.
  • Describe the ways you have shared your Time and Talent throughout the week.
  • Share your Treasure and to donate money to support our parish.

Each week, be sure to bring your envelope to Saturday/Sunday Mass. Following the Liturgy of the Word, the Lector or Cantor will invite you to come forward to the altar and place your envelope in one of two baskets on the steps of the altar. During this time, you may place your offering envelope up at the altar. This is an important way we the people share an attitude of gratitude the gifts the Lord has given us.

Teach Your Student to Share their Time and Talent at Saint Ambrose!

No matter how old your student is, there are many wants for them to share their time and talent at Saint Ambrose Parish. It can be singing, playing sports, or helping those in need throughout our community. This is something for everyone to do!

See some of the ministries and programs that your students can become involved with at Saint Ambrose!