Collin’s Crew

Celebrating a Beautiful Life

Collin is one of God’s Greatest Works, we all are. He will always be a part of us. Mike & I tell our kids that before they were born to us on Earth, God always had them in our hearts. Now, Collin has gone full circle and he will forever be in Mike’s heart and my heart. A small part of us feels like it is missing, but we know that God is keeping that part safe until we can be in heaven together with Collin again.

This incredible journey was all for God’s Glory. This part may be over, but Collin’s work in heaven is just starting. He is even closer to God in heaven and can lift us up in prayer to his close friend, Jesus. At the same time, our work of continuing to bring people to God through Collin on Earth is not over. Even though Collin and I will be in different places, we will still be working together for God’s Glory.

“Eternal rest, grant unto Collin O Lord
and let perpetual light shine upon him.

May he rest in peace. Amen.”

With Gratitude for your Love & Support, Mike & Kim Nemet

“When you arrive in heaven…something wonderful will happen. A final transformation will occur. You will be just like Jesus. Of all the blessings of heaven, one of the greatest will be you! You will be God’s magnum opus, his work of art.

The angels will gasp. God’s work will be completed. At last, you will have  a heart like his. You will love with a perfect love. You will worship with a radiant face. You’ll hear each word God speaks. Your heart will be pure, your words will be like jewels, your thoughts will be like treasures. You will be just like Jesus. You will, at long last, have a heart like his.”

~Taken from God’s Magnum Opus (4/22/21)

We all want to show our love and support for Collin Nemet and his family.

The outpouring of prayer and love has sustained them and given them a clear and constant reminder of the blessings and strength of God in their lives and in this battle with cancer. Collin’s goodness, and the faith and love of his parents and family, have inspired us all.

There are some ways we can all continue to show our love and support:

  • PRAY. Please remember to pray for Collin, his family, and those helping to give him the best of care.
  • HUG. Hug your own children and grandchildren every day. Appreciate the gift of family and all of your family members every day.
  • GIVE THANKS. Our lives are abundantly blessed every day as the Lord holds us in his care.

One of our favorite songs simply refrains, “I will be Strength for the Journey.” It is God’s promise to us and it is the best gift we can offer to Collin and the Nemets. We can surround them with our prayer and remind them over and again that the Lord will be their help and strength on this journey.

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Collin’s Story

Written on August 22, 2018

Our Man Collin…Collin is a very active 9-Year old little boy. He is a 4th grader at Memorial Elementary in Brunswick, Ohio. Collin has a huge family…Mom and Dad, 2 Brothers and 2 Sisters, a dog, Grandmas and Grandpas, tons of Aunts and Uncles, and 28 Cousins (with one coming in February). Collin also loves his Parish Family at St. Ambrose here is Brunswick. Our little Collin is small, but mighty, with monkey toes and long eye lashes. Collin loves You Tube (his latest favorite is watching people play mini-golf), fishing, golfing, his American Ninja Warrior classes, playing the drums, playing board games and card games, swimming, Polar Pops, Hot Wheels, and Nerf Guns. Collin is a piece of sunshine to everyone he meets…there is just something special about him. Collin breaths air into life and anyone that meets him can see his sweet personality shine.

In mid-August 2018, an MRI showed that Collin had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball. Collin is battling a Medulloblastoma, Classic Type, that has metastasized to his spinal column.

God handed Collin this journey so He can show people His love. God’s love has already shone through these pillars of darkness…and we think Collin’s brave little soul will help spread God’s love. Peace be with everyone as a new day comes.

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