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A Guide to Our Parish 2019-2020

How can we renew our commitment to be a Church – a parish community – strong, alive and filled with God’s Spirit?

This past year, we were blessed to focus our attention on renewing the House of God – our Church.  So many of our members came together to do something so pleasing to God and so important for our parish community.  By all accounts, the Church renovation and renewal went well and was very well received by you and our community. Thanks be to God.

As we enter into this new pastoral year, we need to continue our efforts and focus on renewing the Church – not the building – but us, together, as God’s family.  May each of us use this Guidebook as a moment of prayerful reflection on how best we can give, love, serve and get involved in the work of the Lord at Saint Ambrose.

Thank you for all you do for our parish community.


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