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What does it mean to consecrate yourself to St. Joseph?

Well, it basically means that you acknowledge that He is your spiritual father, and you want to be like Him. To show it, you entrust yourself entirely into His paternal care, so that He can help you acquire His virtues and become holy. Total consecration to St. Joseph means you make a formal act of filial entrustment to your spiritual father, so that He can take care of your spiritual well-being and lead you to God.

The session is 33 days long and will begin September 30 and meet at 4:00 pm in the John Paul II room every Thursday through October. Consecration will then take place on November 1. Register today!

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Parish Registration

We welcome you to join our parish community, to grow in a family of faith, and experience the wonderful things at Saint Ambrose Parish!


Eucharistic Adoration

Come and spend some time in prayer during Eucharistic Adoration as we “watch and wait," remaining “silent” in His loving Presence.


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