Fill Your Calendar At Saint Ambrose!

The newly formed Advisory Board representing the Five Areas of Ministry Evangelization, Health & Wellness, Service, Social and Spiritual have been working very hard to enhance and expand on what

is effectively working now along with providing additional evening and weekend activities for those working during the day.

Senior Ministry and the Faithful After Fifty Group are sponsoring a weekly walking event beginning February 1st at 9:00 am and continuing every Saturday morning with Fr. Jeremy’s Holy Hikers.

Round-robin of fitness activities once a month, along with Play Day for grandparents and grandchildren. You will find information in Bulletin under The Senior Corner or web-site.

 Congratulations to the following newly elected Advisory Committee;  Lucy Nester, Maureen Charnigo, Gayle Zevchik, Elaine Terhart, Lisa Berardinelli, Del Ruiz, Jan Brown, Peggy Hibler, Donna Szalay, Nanette (Chi Chi) Adams, Bernie Zavada, Danielle Cifranic, Jane Bast, Lori Betz, Patty Lewis, Tom & Laurel Miller, and Karen Taylor.  If you have any questions please contact my office 330-460-7322 or talk to one of the committee members if you have any ideas or concerns to be addressed.