…A crowd seated around him told him, “Your mother and your brothers and your sisters are outside asking for you.” But he said to them in reply, “Who are my mother and my brothers?” And looking around at those seated in the circle he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.”     Welcome to Ordinary Time….we are back to green!!!  As we gather together as brothers and sisters in the Lord, the Gospel reminds us that what binds us (and challenges us) is the mandate of Jesus to do the ‘will of God’ in our lives.  We come together to find the strength and nourishment of the Lord so we can do God’s work and live God’s will in our lives.

…Last weekend we received “GREAT” news.  One of our members, Andrew Lucci, has been accepted into Borromeo Seminary.  Our college seminary program is a great opportunity for guys like Andrew to open their mind and heart to the ‘will of God’ in their lives.  Through learning, prayer, service and community, he will discern God’s will and God’s call in his life.  Please keep Andrew in your prayers.  Let’s pray that all of our high school and college students will keep their hearts open to the will of God in their lives.

…We also received word from the seminary that two of our high school students – Mary Gill and Melissa Dulik – have been accepted into the Tolle Lege special summer program.  About sixty high school/college students are accepted into this special program to help strengthen young adult Catholic leaders.  This is a special blessing for them and for our community.  Please join me in keeping Mary and Melissa in our prayers.

…Many, many thanks to our Stars4Life Team who hosted a great 5k run and walk last weekend in support of the Relay for Life efforts.  They did a GREAT job….had a solid turn out of runners and walkers…and were passionate about helping all of us ‘run the race’ for the Lord and those who suffer from cancer.

…Many, many, many thanks to all who were so supportive of our Summer Festival Basket Booth collection.  Thanks to so many of our members, we have the BEST Baskets to raffle off.  You can check out details online at:  www.StAmbrose.us/festival.

…As you know, the Summer Festival is right around the corner.  Please join us for four great days of family fun – June 21 – 24, 2018.  We still need volunteers to help staff the booths and activities.  Many hands make for light work and GREAT days for our community.  All the proceeds support our parish and the great work we do for the Lord and so many in our community.  Please spread the word….and please, please join us.  See the rest of the bulletin for details about the amazing raffle, opportunities to volunteer, and the great bands who are coming to the festival!!!

…Many thanks to all who took and placed Yard Signs across the community to promote our summer festival.  Nothing is going to beat the ‘personal invitation’ to join you at the festival.  As you know the city’s summer celebration has landed on the same week as our festival.  Please make sure you invite everyone you know to join you at Saint Ambrose Summer Festival – homemade food, FREE admission,  incredible bands, and the most AMAZING and welcoming people – YOU!!!

…Speaking of volunteering…and making a difference…last week Ed Plaspohl received the Medical Mutual Outstanding Senior Award for his ministry and service in our Alpha village city outreach and in his great efforts to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless in both Cleveland and Akron.  Ed is well-known to all the people who work in our kitchen.  After any Fish Fry, community event, or community meal, Ed is there to take any/all left overs and help make sure that they quickly get put to good use in feeding and caring for those most in need in our region.  It’s a beautiful ministry that does so much good.    He makes sure that nothing from our parish ever goes to waste, even more, gets put into the hands and mouth of those most in need.  God bless you Ed.  He is one ‘platinum’ example of the good so many in our parish do to serve those most in need.

…For the next two weeks, please keep our mission team in your prayers.  We have two groups heading to the Dominican to finish six homes, install water/sewer lines, teach Vacation Bible School, and bring the comfort and strength of the Lord to those in need in the Lord’s name and on behalf of our community.  Watch for updates and pictures on facebook.  Our mission efforts are one more example of so many striving to do God’s work and live God’s will within their lives.

…Today’s Gospel story has people visiting Jesus ‘at home’.  They were all ‘outside’ the front door.  We are blessed in our parish to have a wonderful group of members who visit and bring Holy Communion to our homebound members.  It’s a blessing beyond words both for those who come to visit and those who have the blessing of receiving the Lord.  If you know of someone in our community that would like to have a visit (weekly or monthly), please call the Parish Office.  We want to bring the care and compassion of Christ to all our ‘home’ bound members.

…This is a GREAT week to sign up for Vacation Bible School.

…Many, many, many thanks for the beautiful (and surprising) celebration of my 30th anniversary of priesthood.  I am humbled by your thoughtfulness, kindness, and the outpouring of kind words and cards.  As I shared last weekend at the 12 noon Mass, it is my blessing – every day – to witness first hand so many, many in our community living God’s will and doing God’s work with their lives.  Every day I am inspired by your goodness and your deep faith and love for God.  Thank you again… and again… for your kindness and overwhelming support and thoughtfulness.

…As you may have read/heard last week, many thanks to all who have already responded to our appeal to repair/renovate the Church.  So many have been eagerly asking ‘how’s it going?’   I am thrilled to share that we have raised enough to begin the project.  Watch for more details in the coming week.  So many of you have shared how excited you are for this to begin.  Soon and very soon!!  God bless you.

…School is out for summer.  Watch out for children.  May God watch over and protect all of us and keep us in His care.  Have a blessed week.