ONE Day. ONE Step at a Time.

Complete your personal Lent Spiritual Workout Plan on the Percorso Promise App

We are blessed to have an app designed to help each of us develop a spiritual workout plan for Lent.  Each day the ‘app’ will send resources, inspiring quotes, and hold us accountable to the ‘workout’ plan.  I know that, for me, in the busyness of the day, I need a reminder to stop…pray…read God’s Word…take a moment or two to reflect deeply on God’s presence and action in my life.

This is designed to help you build your own Lent plan and help you be accountable to doing the work to use these forty days – one day, one step at a time – to more fully embrace and integrate Christ in your life and day. Give it try.  Download the app.

Through this app, you’ll be able to customize your Spiritual Growth Program which will assist you on your Lenten journey as we all work to grow in holiness.

You will:

  • Identify and outline your desired areas of growth
  • Receive daily scripture updates and reflections
  • Receive regular songs and images for reflection
  • Be able to change and modify your growth plan, based on what’s working or not working for you.

This app will also ‘check-in’ with you to see how you’re doing in your growth program and Lenten commitments. Our hope is that you’ll use this platform to be more reflective, prayerful and grow during this Lenten season.

Simply click link, download the app and follow the prompts.

Click through the images to see what the Lent Spiritual Workout is all about!