Littlest Angels Early Childhood Program (Ages 2 to Pre-K)

Welcome to the happiest place in Ohio.

Littlest-Angels-ButtonHere, on the vibrant first floor of Saint Ambrose School, Littlest Angels Early Childhood Program safely introduces three, four and five-year old children to independent thinking through a variety of multi-sensory activities that enhance their total development – in mind, body and soul.

Our degreed, licensed and loving teachers take a gentle, hands-on approach to learning, with special focus on readiness inReading, Music, Writing, Art, Math, Science, and Technology, not to mention varied indoor and outdoor physical activities and memory-making field trips.

We also promote faith formation through fun and engaging lessons designed around Music, Drama, projects, and storytelling with puppets.

We feel genuinely privileged to partner with you in the education of your young son or daughter and you can expect daily communication from us on their progress as well as an Open Door policy for whenever you want to stop by or even volunteer in our classrooms.

As your child prepares to leave us for the floor (literally) above – this would be Saint Ambrose Elementary Ed School – you can expect that they are: beginning to effectively communicate and socialize with their peers; building personal self-confidence through challenges; acquiring the cognitive foundational skills to successfully transition to Kindergarten and eventually 1st Grade; and developing a general understanding of Christian values.

Mrs. Catherine Mitchell
Preschool Director/Teacher

Phone: 330-460-7361

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