Parish Pastoral Council: Youth Ministry Update

//Parish Pastoral Council: Youth Ministry Update

Parish Pastoral Council: Youth Ministry Update

2017 Recap

  • Souper Bowl of Caring raised over $12,000 for our Community Meal Program
  • Over 100 teens participated in 5+ various retreats
  • 118 teens celebrated the Sacrament of Confirmation in February 2017
  • 200+ junior high and high school teens joined us for our summer events including volleyball, Cedar Point, Lock-In and more
  • 100+ teens served the parish and community through a variety of service opportunities including our Summer Service Wednesdays, The FEST, Alpha Village, and more
  • Several of our teens served in our mission community in June 2017 with Mission Possible
  • We took a group of teens to the National Catholic Youth Conference in November 2017 for the first time
  • Our 5pm Choir & Band has grown and sounds great under the leadership of Matt Fodor & Max Menkhaus
  • Our adult core team has welcomed several new volunteers this year and has doubled in size
  • We’ve been joined by Father Matt Jordan during his diaconate year and seminarian Josh Cochrac during his internship year who have both helped our teens learn and grow, and taught us a lot about vocations
  • In its first year, our High School Youth Ministry Leadership Team has planned and facilitated events and service projects as well as worked on their own leadership development

Pastoral Goals

Vocations Awareness

  • Seminary Field Trip for Palm Sunday 2017
  • Father Matt Jordan & Josh Cochrac, various events and opportunities

Strengthen leadership & the next generation

  • Working to do leadership development with all our teams, doing Living Your Strengths with our High School Leadership Team

Engaging parishioners into existing ministries

  • Encouraging teens and welcoming them into all areas of parish life, connecting them with parishioners who can mentor them or help them in various ministries, liturgical and otherwise

2017-2018 Year

  • 130 teens preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation in April 2018
  • Working to strengthen Confirmation program
  • Increased parent participation in Confirmation program
  • Theme for the year for FIAT– “Anchored in Hope”
  • College outreach – college care packages, gathering with college students over Christmas break

Upcoming events:

  • Winter Lock-In, December 27-28
  • Metanoia V Retreat, January 12-14
  • March for Life trip, January 18-20
  • Leadership Team Awareness Campaign, January 20/21
  • Souper Bowl of Caring, February 2-4
  • Food Fast Retreat, February 23-24
  • Spring Retreat with St Hilary Parish, March 23-25
  • Living Stations of the Cross, March 30
  • Coffee house gatherings, ongoing
  • Steubenville Youth Conference, summer 2018

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