Season of Thanks

Season of Thanks

We have so much to be thankful for!

In our Parish Life Center lobby you’ll see 3 Season of Thanks baskets filled with WONDERFUL things. The idea is to think of someone WHO you are thankful for. And give that person a chance to receive one of these great baskets! Imagine how awesome they will feel.

Here are the ways you can WIN for THEM…pick any of the 3 to be entered!

  1. Visit our Facebook page, and tag someone you are thankful for on our “Season of Thanks” post pinned to the top. Challenge them to tag some else they are grateful, too!
  2. Post a photo with a “Season of Thanks” frame found around campus, at our Photo Wall outside of Hilkert Hall, or download and print one here. Use the hashtag #StAmbroseThanks. If your photo is chosen YOU choose who basket #2 goes to!
  3. Stop by the Parish Life Center where the baskets are located and write the name of someone you are thankful for. You’ll be able to fill out the to and from! You can also fill out the tag online below!

Winners will be announced on Friday, November 30!

Special thanks to Dyan Beder for putting together these INCREDIBLE baskets! These photos do no justice – you have to stop by the front desk of the Parish Life Center to check them out. Amazing. We are thankful for you, Dyan 🙂

Season of Thanks

  • To contact you if you and the person you are thankful for are chosen!
  • Imagine how awesome they are going to feel that you thought of them 🙂
  • If you know their email, we can email both of you to let them know they were chosen and you were the person who was thankful for them!



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  1. Kathy Raso November 16, 2018 at 4:45 am - Reply

    My person I am so thankful for is my sister Mariea. She is the extension of my mother. She has been one of the best role models growing up. She has helped so much throughout life. She is one of the most selfless people you will ever meet. She is always there to listen, and she loves unconditionally.
    Since my husband has been diagnosed with cancer , she has been my rock of strength and hope. Her unconditional love for the Lord and unwavering faith is a true inspiration.
    Without her, my life would be much less happy. She is my best friend and I can always count on her for anything

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