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Vision 20/20

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A Future Full of Hope

Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish is:

A Catholic community of faith centered on Jesus Christ, who is everything for them.

The Vision 20/20 Feasibility Study process started in late 2009.  After extensive research, a series of focus groups was held to help determine the collective feelings of Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish parishioners in regard to the parish’s ministries, outreach methods, physical structures and campus layout.

Through this initial visioning, a survey was developed and strategically distributed to parishioners in three different mediums.  A written, in-pew survey was designed to catch frequent attendees.  An online survey was developed to appeal to an audience who may or may not frequently attend.  Finally, a telephone survey, which filtered out parishioners who had already completed the survey through a different medium, was developed to target those parishioners who do not visit the Saint Ambrose campus frequently.

The surveys collectively showed that, like the Mission Statement proclaims, Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish is a vibrant community of faith where parishioners feel a sense of belonging and fellowship in Jesus Christ.  Over 90% of respondents felt that Saint Ambrose was doing a “very good job” or a “good job” in this area.

Parishioners largely feel engaged, with almost half involved with ministries or activities other than simply attending Mass.

Additionally, parishioners overwhelmingly feel that parking should be one of the first facilities or campus needs to be addressed.

The Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish community is truly vibrant.  Its biggest issues are results of its biggest strengths.  Parishioners who feel that facility improvement projects are needed indicated that the age of campus buildings or the desire for something new was not a part of their reasoning.  Rather, a lack of space, due largely to the many activities provided and sponsored by the Parish, was the main motive behind any desire to improve or increase the facilities’ capacity.

At this time, with the exception of parking, no formal plans have been developed to improve or increase the facilities’ capacity at Saint Ambrose Parish.

The Master Plan Committee will not move forward in any way without additional consultation from the Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish community.

Please do not hesitate, at any time, to ask a Master Plan Committee member or to contact the parish office about Vision 20/20 at 330-225-3116.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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