Stephen Ministry CARES

Christ Caring for People, Through People

Stephen Ministers bring God’s love into the lives of people who are going through a difficult time or experiencing a crisis. They listen, care, support, encourage, and pray with and for a person who is hurting. And, in the midst of this confidential one-to-one caring relationship, God’s healing love comes pouring through.

If someone you know is facing a crisis – large or small – and could benefit from the caring presence of a Stephen Minister, talk to one of our Stephen Leaders: Lisa Homady at 330.460.7315 or Carol Maline at 330.460.7336. Our Stephen Ministers are ready to care for you!

Interested in Becoming a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers listen, explore feelings, pray, share Christ’s love, maintain confidentiality, attend to the caregiving process and leave the results to God. Stephen Ministers care for people who may be grieving, in a crisis, in need of long-term care, dying, hospitalized, divorcing, experiencing losses as they age, going through a crisis of childbirth, and/or is a family member and/or friend of someone who is in crisis.

The role of a Stephen Minister requires a two-year commitment with 50 hours of initial Stephen Ministry training.

If God is calling you to serve, please talk with one of our Stephen Ministry Leaders:  Lisa Homady at 330-460-7315 or Carol Maline at 330-460-7336.

Or, you may submit an application using one of the following methods:

  • Downloading and printing the Stephen Minister Application from home and bringing the completed application to the PLC Front Office at Saint Ambrose. Please make the envelope that contains your completed application to the attention of Lisa Homady or Carol Maline. 
  • Completing and electronically submitting the form below.

Stephen Minister Application

    All of these commitments are required of a Stephen Minister. If you do not check the "Select All" field, your application will be considered incomplete.
  • If yes, someone from the Stephen Leader Team will speak with you about this in order to better understand its significance in your life and ministry. Note: A great many caregivers have been made stronger in their caregiving ministry through the care they themselves have received, including care from mental health professionals. Your Stephen Leader Team affirms the work of mental health professionals, who have helped many individuals to experience growth and healing. The Stephen Leader Team requests this information because they want to be as fully informed as possible about all of our Stephen Ministers.
  • If yes, please explain the charge(s) and conviction(s)/outcome(s) in detail. Someone from the Stephen Leader Team will speak with you about this so that the team may better understand its significance in your life and ministry.
  • Please include the full names, addresses, phone numbers, and relationship information for both individuals.

“Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through my surgery, chemo treatments, and radiation treatments, a wonderful thing happened to me. I became closer to God. He held my hand during my cancer journey and remains a constant companion every day. Throughout that journey and for a while afterwards, I kept asking God, ‘why did He let me survive and for what purpose?’ Then, out of nowhere, I heard about Stephen Ministry and had clarity. I know that God was telling me to walk with others during their journey of pain, sorrow, or need. Be with them to listen, share their sorrows, and most importantly, hold their hand. It was a true ‘God Moment’ for me. So, not only did I once-upon-a-time benefit from the support of Stephen Ministry, I eventually became a Stephen Minister at Saint Ambrose and can say with certainty that I have helped countless others through their difficult times. I am honored to be a Stephen Minister at our parish.”

Mary Lou M., once a, a Stephen Minister.

Two years ago while I was at Mass, I listened to a short presentation about the Stephen Ministry at Saint Ambrose. The speaker explained that training was provided for anyone who could listen, care, encourage, and provide weekly support to someone who is going through a difficult phase in their life. I decided I wanted to help and I signed up to attend the mandatory training sessions. I felt that I wanted to share my faith, life experiences, and knowledge with someone who was hurting. So, I did! I wanted to meet others who donated their time to encourage and support those who are facing challenges. So, I did!  I also wanted to become less judgmental of others. So, I became a Stephen Minister and I am pleased to share that I am more compassionate and understanding of life situations as a result.

Joan H., a member who answered the call to become a Stephen Minister at Saint Ambrose.

There was a time in my life when I was in a very bad place. A neighbor knew that I was going through a bad time and told me about the Stephen Ministry at Saint Ambrose. She told me she had answered a call from God to help others through their most difficult times as a Stephen Minister. She offered to take me to meet with the Stephen Ministry leaders and I took her up on it. God sure does work in mysterious ways sometimes.

After going through the sign-up process which was very simple and painless, I was assigned to a Stephen Minister. For sure, she became “my special angel.” We met once a week when it was convenient for me and at a place where I was comfortable. Most of the time, I looked forward to meeting with her, for I knew she would just listen and not judge my feelings. There were times though, I admit, that I did not want to go. The reason behind this apprehension was that if you want something to work, you really have to look deep into your heart and when you are struggling with a lot, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to see the why and how. My Stephen Minister really helped me realize this fact.

The Stephen Ministry is a group of very special people who have answered God’s call to share the love they have in their hearts with others who need it the most. Even though my situation is not yet resolved, with help from my Stephen Minister, I have learned that I must truly trust the Lord and try harder to listen to what He is telling me (which can be difficult to do sometimes) and truly know that He will answer in His time. I believe that God sent someone (my special angel, my Stephen Minister) who I could really relate to about my feelings, God, and my faith.

If you are in a dark place and not sure what to do, my recommendation would be to “take courage” and share your feelings with a Stephen Minister. Reach out to a Stephen Ministry leader to start the process of being matched with your special angel. And, if God has been telling you that you are capable of helping others, answer His call and connect with a Stephen Ministry leader. You never know the difference you can make in someone’s life until you take those steps to do more with the gifts God has given you.

An anonymous care-receiver