…”But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all. For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many.” You and I are called to ‘be different’ because we choose to follow Jesus Christ. We are called to follow the example of Jesus by the way we life, love and serve. Jesus models servant leadership. He was the first of all the servants. We are called to follow His example by the way we serve the Lord and our neighbor. The greatest among us will be the ones who serve.

…Over the past several months, you have been reading stories in the bulletin about some of the ‘unsung’ heroes in our parish. None of these folk would ever do anything for the ‘attention’. They are working hard to follow the example of Jesus by the way they are caring, loving and serving others. They are making a real impact on the life of our community and our members. They inspire us by the way they are serving in the example and ways of the Lord. We would like to invite you to share stories of our members you know who inspire you in the ways of the Lord by the way they serve like Jesus. We will celebrate their witness and example by sharing with them a special prayer card and blessing. Go to: www.StAmbrose.us/unsunghero.

…Last weekend’s Cozy Cabin Retreat was great for the 45 women who journeyed to Camp Damascus for 48 hours of prayer, discussion, faith and friendship. God bless all who worked to make this special retreat possible. The sixth graders are headed to Camp Damascus this week for two days of learning, growing and working together in the ways of the Lord. Keep them in your prayers.

…Many thanks to all who joined Adam Storey for our Fall Mission. He challenged all of us to boldly live our faith – to bring the Word of God to our homes, families and world. Special thanks to Jane Baldwin, the Adult Faith Formation Team and the Baking/Hospitality Teams for their efforts.

…This weekend is our annual Ramserfest…..with polka music and Mass followed by a great meal, dancing and friendship. Special thanks to Fr. Rob and the planning team for putting together a great night for our community.

…Can you remember black lights?? They are amazing with bright white Bingo balls. Next Saturday is NEON Bingo. It’s truly a fun night out for our adults. You get a great meal, along with fun people, great music and a fun game of bingo. Join us next Saturday.

…October is a special month dedicated to Mary. Our students are coming together this Thursday, October 25, to lead the Living Rosary at the Grotto and Football Field starting at 6:30 pm. In the beauty of these autumn days, it’s a perfect opportunity to come together and to reflect deeply on the blessings of God in our lives. Mary was the model of the faith servant. As she said her ‘yes’ to serving the Lord, her life was ‘full of grace.’ The more we make our ‘yes’ to the Lord, the more we will also find God’s grace in our lives. Please join us.

…The Gospel calls all of us to ‘serve’. There are many ways we can ‘serve’ the Lord and our community. Next weekend we are hosting Trunk and Treat Ministry Fair. You’ll have the chance to learn about the ways you can share your gifts with the Lord and our parish while getting the ‘treat’ of meeting great people. See the bulletin for more details.

…How is the Lord calling you to serve our community? We could use a few new ushers to assist at Masses. The music ministry is always welcoming new voices. We are blessed with a group of handymen who really help our parish. They can always use some help. Please let me know what you are interested in, and I will get you connected (frbob@StAmbrose.us).

… This weekend we celebrate the Feast of St. Gerard (October 16) with a special prayer of blessing for expectant mothers. We also have a wonderful prayer book for Expectant Parents. They will be available at the doors of the Church. If you want one or need one for a member of your family/friend, please help yourself. You can also send an email and we will mail one out (frbob@StAmbrose.us). Let’s pray together for all of our young families who are bringing the joy and hope of new life into our world .

… Having clear directives concerning your Medical Directives and Living Will is extremely important. It’s so important that we are again bringing Dr. Iezzi to our parish this Sunday, October 21, 2018 at 1:00 pm help you understand the moral choices you need to make for yourself and your loved ones. You will also have the opportunity to complete your Living Will and Advance Directives (complete with notary). Join Dr. Iezzi in the Lehner Center, Luke on Sunday at 1:00 pm.

… With Coffee and Doughnuts this weekend you also have the opportunity to get your flu shot. Thanks to our friends at Marc’s, it’s easy and convenient for you to take care of yourself as we prepare for the winter season. Please take advantage of this easy opportunity.

… Many thanks for the outpouring of blankets and coats last weekend to help those in need. It’s one more expression of your and compassion. We will continue to collect coats/jackets over the next four weeks. Please ask your friends and family to help us collect 3,000 jackets/coats we will need for distribution in the city of Cleveland. You can bring the coats to the doors of the Church or parish office. God bless you for all your goodness. Blessed are those who serve.

… Many thanks to those who responded to the Finance Councils presentation two weeks ago with a request to consider an increase in your support/offertory for our parish community. As a parish we do great work for the Lord. Your support keeps our parish financially solid which allows us to do all the good things we do at Saint Ambrose. Thank you so much.

… This coming week you should see a great deal of ‘activity’ on the Church. All the demolition and staging is now set. Let’s pray for some good weather and for the safety of all who are working to help us repair and care for the House of God .

.. God bless you for all the ways you give and share and do the work of the Lord and our com_munity. You are ‘unsung heroes’ for our parish. I pray for you every day and thank God for your goodness. Have a blessed week.