Saint Ambrose Parish

Founded in 1957, we celebrate our 60th anniversary this year. Our parish community has served, educated, inspired and cared for tens of thousands of people since our very beginning. When our parish was founded, Brunswick was a small farming community of just 8,000 residents. Brunswick has grown exponentially in recent years, with 37,000 residents in 2017. The parish has grown with the community, from 500 families in those early years to over 5,400 today.

As our community has grown, so has the Saint Ambrose campus. What began with a 3 story school building has wonderfully developed into a campus complete with a rectory for priest living space, Lehner Center for office, meeting and additional classroom space, Hilkert Hall for gym, practice, meeting and kitchen space, the church for worship space and the Parish Life Center for meeting and office space.

Not only have the physical buildings grown and developed, but our outreach and impact into the community has grown exponentially. Each year we provide over 10,000 meals to the hungry in our area. Our Catholic Works of Mercy team provides regular assistance to over 100 families. And we have over 170 active ministries and programs, teaching, serving reaching out to our members.

‘Centered on Christ’ is our parish mission and we work each day to center our lives, our church and our entire community on Christ. Perhaps the best way to do so is by turning our focus to the next step in our Vision 20/20 plan, laid out almost 7 years ago. Over the years, each building, but the church has had its share of renovations, updates, expansions and improvements. The church building is the center of our worship lives at Saint Ambrose and it hasn’t been touched since its construction in 1984.

Our hope and vision is to repair the basic things that need fixed, while renovating the church so that it will carry us into the next 60+ years to worship God, inspire our members and serve our community.

Stats                                   2017     2011
Total Parish Families         5,463     4,644
Families with Children      2,830     2,130
Parishioners                        15,647    13,771
Median Parishioner Age    35           34
Active Parishioners            2,860    1,091
Programs & Ministries      180        150

Financials                                                   2017               2011
2016-2017 Offertory Collection:                  $1,753,655      $1,589,216
Tuition Income:                                              $1,414,635      $941,333
Cost to operate school (parish subsidy):   $363,824        $333,756

Education            2017     2011
Saint Ambrose School Enrollment
School                      511       464
Preschool                134       74
PSR Enrollment    988      1,139

Faith                      2017     2011
Baptisms                  138        131
First Eucharist        182        186
Confirmation          118         141

We serve families from Brunswick, Brunswick Hills, Medina, Strongsville, Hinckley, Valley City and a number of other communities from the surrounding area.