“Saint Ambrose is such a supportive community that has welcomed us with open arms from the moment we joined the parish. As we prepare to welcome our first child to our family this June, we are happy to be a part of supporting the vision for the renovated church that will be the place of worship for our growing family for many years to come. God has blessed us in so many ways, and we are excited to have the opportunity to give back to current and future generations of faith at our parish.”
– Tom & Heather Welsh

My parents, Louis and Anne Crane, and grandparents, George and Agatha Hamer were founding members at Saint Ambrose. Through their efforts and other founding Saint Ambrose members they were able to set the foundation for a vibrant church community in Brunswick. Over the years many other families have added their time, effort and resources to expand on the work of Christ and the Church in our community. My wife Lin and I believe that we now have the opportunity to continue the work of Jesus Christ by pledging to maintain the facilities and prepare for the future of our Church.”
– Greg and Lin Crane

“When we moved into our first home in Brunswick, we made the decision to find a church and become involved. We joined Saint Ambrose because it is so much more than just “a Church” and we were welcomed into a loving community that is so energetic, inspiring, and alive. When presented the opportunity to help with the Generations of Faith Campaign, we felt blessed to be able to make our pledge knowing that Saint Ambrose will continue to be our second home and beacon of faith, hope, and peace for the Brunswick community.”
– Mike & Ashley Truchan

“When raising our family and being short on funds, we were carried by parishioners who were in a better place. It’s now my turn to help provide for the next generations. But even better, it’s having a chance to help make some really special improvements for all to share, even me.”
– Joanne Lynch

“We have received so many blessings throughout our lives, and Saint Ambrose has been there supporting our family spiritually in so many ways, that we feel privileged to be able to contribute to this renovation project! We are very excited about the improvements, both necessary and cosmetic, that will modernize Saint Ambrose for the use of generations to come.”
– Joe Gendron and Trish Strazar

“My wife and I support the proposed new improvements to our Church first for the glory of our Lord. Second, we consider our donation a tribute to the hard working clergy, staff and parishioners of Saint Ambrose. Through Christ, and their efforts, a vibrant Saint Ambrose is a wonderful asset to the entire northeast Ohio community.”
– John and Rosemary Mihacevich

“St. Ambrose is my home away from home where l seek comfort and nourishment. Like all homes it does require upkeep. When the roof leaks and you freeze it is hardly a welcoming place. I can hardly wait to see my second home renewed and refreshed.”
– Jan Avery

“I decided to support and pledge toward this campaign because I truly feel that a) the roof definitely does need to be replaced due to the damage caused from all the leaking from the sky lights. Also as a result of this leaking from the roof many pews have been damaged severely. Other pews have just plain wore out and falling apart. So, yes the pews and roof need to be replaced. We do need ramps for the altar as too many of our ministers, including myself are finding it hard to make those steps up to the altar.”
– Nancy Van Gieson

“St. Ambrose helped us celebrate the Baptism for 3 of our 4 Children, First Communion, and Confirmation for all four children, Wedding celebrations, helped us with a funeral for our parents. All four children received a good education here and a firm base for the Catholic Faith. It is also where many of our family members and friends celebrated our 25th, our 40th, our 50th and our 60th wedding anniversary. Basically, St. Ambrose is “Home Base”! And we’re supporting the project because it will accommodate more of God’s faithful people. It will be a joy when the project is completed, Praise God! Plus, God has been SO Good to us, how could we not support his dwelling place here at St. Ambrose. Amen to that.”
– Joan & Bill Thesling