“…What Talents has God Given You…”

//“…What Talents has God Given You…”

“…What Talents has God Given You…”

“…Brothers and sisters: There are different kinds of spiritual gifts but the same Spirit; there are different forms of service but the same Lord; there are different workings but the same God who produces all of them in everyone. To each individual the manifestation of the Spirit is given for some benefit.”   Saint Paul, in his first letter to the Corinthians, offers us a great message of hope.  Each of us – every one of us – is uniquely equipped by God with amazing gifts and talents.  Our talents and unique abilities are a blessing from God — a gift from the Lord.  No one is more or less equipped.  Each of us are uniquely made from some very particular work of the Lord.   These gifts are for some benefit – not just for ourselves – but for the glory of God.  What are the unique talents and gifts God has given you?  How can you share them with the Lord and our community?  Who you are is God’s gift to you.  Who you become is your gift back to God.

…Over the past ten years, 800 of our members have taken advantage of the Living Your Strengths Program.  It’s based on the CliftonStrengths and works off the premise of our scriptures today.  Each of us are uniquely made by God – wonderfully equipped for some exceptional work.  The Living Your Strengths inventory helps ‘name’ those gifts and talents so you can better understand and use them.  You are at your best when you do what you are naturally best at.  The LYS experience is so helpful. We use it with all our staff at SA, along with so many of our students .  It’s great for everyone.  If you would like to sign up for the next LYS program, please contact Carol Maline at cmaline@StAmbrose.us.

…Coming this Lent is Strengths for your marriage.  It’s a great tool to help you understand yourself and your spouse.   Interested?  Contact Carol for more info.

…Next week we are blessed to host Coaches Training for the CliftonStrengths Program.  About 40 people from our Diocese will come together to help better equip themselves to best understand their gifts and talents from the Lord.  This is a great blessing for our community.

…Speaking of gifts and talents, over the past few weeks you’ve been reading and hearing about some of the needs we have as a parish community.  Even more, how each of us are equipped by God and need to share our God-given gifts and talents in service to the Lord.  Over the past week:  four members signed up to help with Bingo.  Two people stepped forward to be ushers.  Two people offered to knit/crochet prayer blankets.  Ten people offered to visit our homebound.  These are great blessings for our community and a good reminder that all of us can find a way to do something for the glory of God and our community.  How will you serve?  What can you share?

…World Marriage Day will be celebrated at Saint Ambrose on Saturday, February 9.  We are inviting ALL couples of our parish to a special Marriage Mass at 6:00 pm followed by a great reception/social.  It’s all FREE…the perfect couple’s night out.  I’ve invited Fr. Dan Schlegel to come and offer a great message on marriage.  Fr. Dan has spent twenty years helping couples refresh their married love.  Please make plans to join us.  Imagine if a few hours could enrich your marriage and make every day just a little more joyful…happy…hopeful.  To help us plan, please RSVP to hsheridan@StAmbrose.us.  Invite all your family and friends.  Prayer…GREAT message….Plenty of food…all as a gift for you.  It’s also the perfect Valentine Gift!!!

…Last Sunday Saint Ambrose School and Littlest Angels Preschool had an amazing Open House.  About 30 new families came and learned about all the great things taking place in our school community.  This coming week is Catholic Schools Week.  Please take some time to learn about our school.  Help us spread the word especially about our Littlest Angels Preschool which will be moving to new and better facilities in the Fall with some increased programming and services for parents.  For more information, please contact Breanne Logue at blogue@StAmbrose.us.

…This past week we received word that our school principal, Lisa Cinadr, has been selected by the National Catholic Education Association for the most prestigious Innovation Award.  It’s a high compliment and affirmation for her leadership in our school.  It is also a strong affirmation of the quality of work and dynamic learning taking place every day by our faculty and staff.  Mrs. Cinadr will receive this award in Chicago in April.  Congratulations.

…One way you can serve…..our School Advisory Board is always looking for people who can serve on the working committees to help our school remain strong and dynamic.  It takes all sorts of backgrounds to create a thriving school.  We need you.  Contact Mrs. Cinadr to learn more (lcinadr@StAmbrose.us).

…This is the week of Prayer for Christian Unity.   In the Gospel of John, chapter 17, Christ’s fervent prayer is that all of us would be one in the Lord and work together to build up God’s Kingdom for all.  Please take some time to pray that all Christians may work together to bring the hope and promise of Christ to all people.  For prayers for unity, or to learn more about the John 17 efforts in our region, go to www.John17NEOMovement.com.

…This coming Tuesday, all Parish Staff will be participating in a special Trauma Training session.  It’s an opportunity to learn best ways to keep all of our members and staff safe from every harm and danger.  It’s one more way we are striving to CARE (Concerned, Alert, Responsive – Everyone Safe).

…Speaking of CARE (Concerned, Alert, Responsive – Everyone Safe), please take care of your senior neighbors in the winter months (shovel walks, make sure they have food, etc).   These last weeks of January always bring the ‘winter blues’ and depression for people of every age.  Be concerned, alert, and responsive.  Let us know if we can be of help and support.

…What are the gifts that God has given you that you can share with the Lord and our community?  Who you are is God’s gift to you.    Like to sing?  Join the choir.  Play a musical instrument?  Join the music ministry.  Like to talk and do public speaking?  Become a lector.  Let me know your interests and I will make the connections for you (frbob@StAmbrose.us).  BTW…I’m an activator.  Just let me know and I will make it happen for you!!

…Have a blessed week.  Pray that together we can build up the Body of Christ.  BTW….the Church is really coming along.  Watch for pics on FACEBOOK and on our parish website (www.StAmbrose.us/vision2020.




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