Calling all women of the Parish!

Do you feel you need a break from everything?
Are you overwhelmed with the business of the day?
Have you felt like something is missing in your life?

“I keep the Lord always before me; with Him at my right hand, I shall never be shaken.”

Sign up or ask questions!
Cheryl Levy 216-337-4355,
Nelly Quiñones 216-262-0883,
Kathy Yohman 440-724-8700,


  • The Holy Spirit is inviting YOU to join with a small group of women to renew the flames of your faith.
  • This weekend is open to women of our parish over the age of 19.
  • You probably know someone who has been on Welcome (Renewal) Weekend, ask them about their experience.


The weekend is meant to renew your own faith and maybe develop some new friendships.  The seeds planted throughout the weekend will provide fruit for the rest of your spiritual life.

The weekend is full of fun, fellowship and a renewal of your faith.

Welcome (previously known as Renewal) is an opportunity to disconnect from our daily stressors and reconnect with your faith.  This is a one and a half day opportunity to hear about heartfelt spiritual life journeys of fellow parishioners, sharing what has helped others ignite their faith, and to create lasting friendships within our community.

It is an occasion for individual spiritual growth through prayer and personal reflection.

Welcome is designed to bring parish members together in faith.  A group of women, many of whom you already know, have grown together in Christ over the past year, to share with you an environment of great fellowship, fun, and faith.

We hope you’ll be inspired by real world conversation, how life connects to scripture and the Holy Spirit, and reflect on them in relationship to your own faith life journey.

Women's Welcome


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