“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you.”

By the time you read this letter, the beautiful new statue of Mary will be in the Church. It’s arriving in time for the Dedication of the Church. I am very hopeful that you will see in this new image of Mary the tender love she had for Jesus and the serenity she found in serving the Lord and doing God’s will with her life. Her faithful ‘yes’ is both an inspiration and a challenge for each of us. The more we make our ‘yes’ to the Lord, our lives will be filled with God’s grace, serenity and peace.

As we dedicate our Church in service to the Lord, we are asking each of our members to use this special occasion to renew their commitment to the Lord and to the work God entrusts to us as a parish community. We are called to build up the Body of Christ as we come together in prayer, worship and service to the Lord.

The renovated Church is a great blessing to our community. It’s been well-received and is already well-used. With the building complete, we now need to focus our attention on strengthening all of our ministries, especially our liturgical ministries – those who assist and serve when we gather for Mass at the Table of the Lord.

I would like to ask you to consider serving in one of these meaningful and important ministries. You don’t have to commit to every week…it can be once a month…at your convenience. What’s most important is that we need you – we need your help – we need your gifts and talents.

  • With the new layout of the Church, we need more Eucharistic Ministers. It’s a blessing and humble privilege to share the Body and Blood of Christ with our sisters and brothers.
  • Last year our parish was blessed to celebrate beautiful funerals for 139 of our members. We work hard to make each a peaceful and prayerful celebration. We need funeral servers, greeters, and members for the New Life Choir. All the training will be provided.
  • When you walk into Church and are greeted by one of our members – it really makes everything better – it really does. Can you be one of those welcoming people to open a door, pass out a bulletin, and/or simply offer a warm word of welcome?
  • Music is such a special part of our prayer and worship. It’s also so special to our parish community. As we start the new pastoral year, the music ministry is looking for some new people to sing or play musical instruments. Those who sing pray twice. If you help lead the singing, I bet you get three points in heaven!
  • If you have a creative side and like to decorate…we always can use some help decorating for the liturgical season. We also need wonderful folk who will help water the plants in the Church.

Please consider one of these liturgical ministries.

We always can use Lectors and adults who will work with our children when we send them forth for Liturgy of the Word for Children. We need you…we need your help…your gifts and talents. If we all do a little, our worship and prayer will become even more uplifting and prayerful.

Mary said ‘yes’ over and again. Look at the tender image of Mary in the Church. See her strength and peace in making her ‘yes’ to the work of the Lord. I know that God will bless your ‘yes’ over and again. Your life and service will be filled with God’s grace. You will know even more that the Lord is with you.

I hope the new Mary statue inspires you and our members to follow her example. I look forward to seeing you at Saint Ambrose as we dedicate our Church and rededicate ourselves to the Lord.

God bless you abundantly.

Father Bob Stec

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