“…The word of the LORD came to me, saying: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I dedicated you, a prophet to the nations I appointed you.”   The first reading, from the prophet Jeremiah, speaks a powerful message.  Each of us is created by God….from that first moment we have a personal relationship with the Lord.  God knows us in a most personal way and fashions and creates each of us for a very unique and important purpose.  Imagine….you were made and dedicated by God for some wonderful purpose…uniquely, wonderfully created by God.  What is that purpose God has imagined from the first moment of your life?  What is the unique work that God needs you to be doing for your good and for the glory of God?

…The reading, from the Prophet Jeremiah, should also have very special meaning to all of us as we reflect on the recent law passed in the State of New York against life.   It significantly increased the time/age when a life in a mother’s womb can be attacked and aborted.  This massive expansion of ‘rights’ is truly an attack on human life.  It’s important for all of us to take the time to learn more so we can each make decisions to speak out – to engage – to act for the protection of life.  Jeremiah reminds us that each life is created for a unique purpose by God.  God knows us before we were formed in the womb.  Life is a most precious gift from God.  As God’s people we need to protect those who are voiceless.  We need to stand for life.  For more information, go to:  www.StAmbrose.us/LifeMatters.

…On this Superbowl Sunday, our junior high and high school students are leading the way for our Souper Bowl of Caring.  Not including Thanksgiving or the work of our Foodbank, our parish provides about 4500 fresh, healthy, homemade meals over the course of the year as part of our monthly Community Meal Program.  Many come to share a meal on the third Sunday of the month at SA, others are homebound and receive meals delivered.  All live in our local community and all have a need for a good, healthy, wholesome meal.  Your support for the Souperbowl of Caring makes all the difference.  Our goals (and our need) is to raise $12,000 to provide the funds to continue this important outreach ministry for our parish community.  Our teens would greatly appreciate your support.  They will be at the doors of the Hall collecting donations, along with selling some great treats for the Superbowl.  Thank you so much.

…This past Tuesday we provided 100 meals to the Peter Maurin Center in Akron. They have been ‘tapped’ beyond words with the cold weather and great need.  Thanks to a team of 8 members, with your support, they came together to provide for those in need.  This warm meal helped nourish them amid the incredible cold.

…Thanks for the outpouring of help for our seniors and homebound over the past few weeks.  Several of our ‘senior’ members called and left voice messages expressing great thanks to the ‘angels’ who shoveled their drives and checked in on them.   God bless you for your thoughtfulness.  Our community CARES (Concerned, Alert, Responsive == Everyone Safe).

…This past week we had a wonderful Community Leaders Breakfast.  About 125 people came early on Tuesday to learn about the great things taking place at Saint Ambrose School and our Littlest Angels Preschool.  The information and the presentations were inspiring beyond words.   The civic and business leaders were impressed as they learned about how hard our school works to provide Everything for Every Student….Every Day.  If you would like to learn more about our school and the great things taking place at Saint Ambrose, join us this coming Tuesday for the State of the Schools at 6:30 pm.  All are welcome.

…World Marriage Day is next Sunday.  We have about 45 couples signed up so far to join us on Saturday night for a special Mass at 6 pm followed by a great reception/social.  It’s open to all married couples – and all for FREE.  It’s a great way to celebrate your marriage, seek God’s grace and blessing, hear a great message from Fr. Dan Schlegel AND enjoy a great night out with good food.  Please invite your neighbors, family and friends to join you for a wonderful celebration of married love.  Please RSVP to hsheridan@StAmbrose.us.  All are welcome.

…The season of Lent starts on March 6.  This year we are working hard to invite all of our members to participate in Lent 1.3.   It’s simply asking every member to give one hour – three times – during the forty days of Lent to join a Faith Sharing Group.  Watch for details.  We need YOU and some of our members to ‘host’ a discussion group in your homes.  Come and learn more this coming Saturday, February 9 at 8:30 am.  It’s a great way to meet new members and make this your best Lent ever!!  For information, please contact Jane Baldwin at jbaldwin@Stambrose.us.

…This weekend we are celebrating the Feast of Saint Blaise.   Thanks to the assistance of our wonderful deacons, along with Fr. Rob, we will be blessing throats after all the weekend Masses.  The prayer is that God will give us health and protect us from all ailments and illnesses.  Saint Blaise, pray for us.

… Lots of progress was made on the Church this past week.  It’s really starting to take shape.  There’s a new ‘construction video’ available at www.StAmbrose.us/vision2020.  Thank you to all who are making their pledge payments and/or using the building fund envelopes in your monthly packet.  God bless you for your support.

Is it soup yet?  As we get ready for our Lent Soup Suppers, Lisa Homady shared with me that a few of her soup people have recently had surgery and unavailable.  We pray for them….and we need to ask for your help.  Can you help us make some soup???  All the ingredients provided….we just need you.  For more information, please contact Lisa at lhomady@StAmbrose.us

…Each of us uniquely, wonderfully made by God.   What is the amazing vision and important work God has in mind for you?   There are many ways you can serve in our parish community.  We need some folk to host Lent 1.3 groups in your home?  Janet Majka is working to create a Summer Service Camp for Junior High Students and needs some young adults and adults to assist.   Matt Fodor is working to grow our Handbell Groups as we prepare to return back into the Church.  He’ll teach you everything you need to know.   There’s a way for every one of us to share our gifts and talents.  

…Many thanks to all who joined in the beautiful prayer service for Collin Nemet.  It was a true outpouring of prayer and great support for this nine year old struggling with cancer.

…God bless you for all your goodness.  Stay warm.  Pray for good weather this week so we can put the roof on the Church.