How will YOU choose GOD in the New Year?

As we walk into the new year, over and again, you will see, hear and sing – Every Day God.

It’s going to be a powerful reminder of Christmas – all year long. God immerses Himself into our every day life as He sent His Son Jesus to come among us.  Jesus understands our ‘every day’ life.

Even more,  as we choose God every day, God wants to help us walk through our daily life – joys and struggles – supported by the strength, grace and wisdom of God. Every day we need to choose God. Making this choice every day makes all the difference on any given day and forever.

Every day….choose God knowing that God wants to walk with us through our every day reality to the promise and joy of Heaven.

In 2023, make the greatest choice to CHOOSE GOD EVERY DAY. 

Take the 1% Challenge

Imagine if each and every day you put God first by giving Him 1% of your time. That’s just 14 minutes and 24 seconds a day.

Living the 1% Challenge means you put God first, which will keep your mind and heart focused on the Lord every day and always. With God first, the rest of your day will be held in perspective, your priorities become clear, and your life will be blessed.

Take the 1% Challenge. Can you spend 1% of your day in prayer with God?

  • Get a 365-day Devotional, and read it when you wake up OR before you go to bed.
  • Set an alarm on your phone each day to remind yourself to PRAY. 
  • Find your prayer chair.  A comfortable quiet place to sit with God first thing in the morning with your cup of coffee/tea/water.  Have pens, highlighters, Bible and journal there. Spend 15-30 minutes there first thing each morning.
  • Pick one person each day to lift up in prayer.
  • Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Visit to download a Divine Mercy Chaplet and to learn more about our parish’s Divine Mercy Ministry.
  • Attend Daily Mass. Anytime we attend Mass, we are physically and spiritually closer to God. It is our loving response to God, Our Father who loved us first. Our weekday Masses at Saint Ambrose are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:15 am or Thursday at 5:30 pm.
  • Pray a Decade of the Rosary. A Rosary is very mobile and praying an entire Rosary usually only takes about 15-20 minutes. So, praying a decade of the Rosary each day is not only very manageable, it will allow you to become closer to Jesus through His Blessed Mother, Mary.
  • Need a quiet, safe, and peaceful place to just breathe? Visit our Chapel. Our Chapel is open every day from 6:30 am to 9:00 pm. Be physically and spiritually close to God in a more intimate way when you visit our beautiful Chapel.
  • Say grace before meals to give thanks to God.
  • Adopt Screen-free Sundays to really honor the Sabbath. Every Sunday, take a break from screens and enjoy quality time as a family. Go to church, play games, listen to music, go for a walk, or go on an adventure. Appreciate the family God has given us. 
  • Count the number of times you are able to smile at people today. It could be family members, friends, coworkers, or strangers. Keep a running tally. Try to beat your score each following day.
  • Make the Sign of the Cross on your child before they leave home and before bed.
  • As you step out into a busy sidewalk, imagine everyone you see as members of one body in Christ. See if it doesn’t change your outlook towards them.
  • Pack a scripture in your child’s lunch.
  • Build up the courage to look people in the eye today. It might be a member of your family, the person waiting in line next to you, the coworker at their station, or someone you meet on the street. Spend at least a split second to honor that person’s dignity and celebrate their life by looking them in the eye.
  • Write letters or draw pictures of prayer and encouragement to the residents of senior living centers, nursing homes, etc., especially during the winter months. 
  • Create our own playlist of children’s music for them to listen to daily.
  • Listen to Worship Music in the car or at home (XM Radio or 95.5 TheFish). This starts your day off in a very happy mood and keeps you humming Christian songs for the rest of the day.
  • Join Walking with a Purpose or go to a Men’s Breakfast.
  • Choose God by volunteering at an event! Find volunteer opportunities at
  • Find a single person sitting alone on Sunday at Mass and sit near them. Start a small conversation before or after Mass. Many parishioners would love to chat with someone at least once a week in Church.
  • Join a Faith & Fellowship Group at Saint Ambrose. Find more at
  • Listen to The Bible in a Year with Father Mike Schmitz. Find a reading plan and podcast at Ascension Press.
  • Watch something as a family on Formed. Access the truth, beauty, and meaning of the Catholic Faith anytime, anywhere… with FORMED. Register for free at
  • Most of us take time out of our day to check our social media accounts. But, what if you could do this AND dive more deeply into your faith at the same time? You can by downloading
  • Download the AMEN App, which is the free Catholic prayer app that offers users beautiful prayers, faithful meditations, and nourishing scripture.
  • Join priests, nuns, and lay people by starting your day with a ten-minute guided meditation from The God Minute.

Every Day God Suggestions

Help us and help others by filling out the form below with your suggestions on best ways to choose God and keep God central to our lives every day.