Saint Ambrose Parish Community Partners

Saint Ambrose is the largest Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Cleveland with over 5,600 families and 16,000 members mostly from Brunswick, Brunswick Hills, Hinckley, Valley City, Medina and Strongsville. We have close to 200 ministries, programs and outreaches that offer support, care and compassion to thousands throughout our region.

If you ask anyone in northern Medina County about Saint Ambrose Parish, they will tell you things like: “The place is alive!”, “It’s a force for good!” and “It’s an important part of our community”.

Saint Ambrose is made up of wonderful members who are intensely generous to the work of the Church as well as faithful and loyal to their parish.

Our Community Partners

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Loyal to the core!

Over the past few years, Saint Ambrose has formed a number of strong partnerships with local businesses.  These ‘partnerships’ are mutually beneficial for all involved.  We work hard, as you will see in this material, to create opportunities that both support the work and life of our parish community with a strong value for our friends.

The results have been extraordinarily beneficial to our friends.  Their businesses have benefited from the ‘halo’ effect.  They have found:

  • The members of Saint Ambrose are grateful for the support of local businesses.
  • We provide an extremely high value for our partners – high quality events, highest quality presentation and promotion, dollar for dollar a best value.
  • The members of Saint Ambrose are not only grateful but they are loyal. Those who help their parish become friends and business partners.

High Value

We are looking to strengthen our partnerships with local businesses to create an experience that makes good business sense for you. To this end, we are presenting an opportunity for consistent presence in the life of Saint Ambrose for an entire year.

This consistent presence is rooted in our family-based events which draw thousands each year, including:

  • Summer Festival
  • Fall Harvest Festival
  • Neon Bingo Nights
  • Bunny Breakfast
  • and many more!

We know many of these events and large gatherings are ‘up in the air’ right now, but we remain committed to providing an engaging experience for you and your company.

In addition to our signature events, you will receive valuable exposure for your business through Saint Ambrose promotional outlets, including:

  • Annual Parish Calendar
  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Ongoing Web Presence
  • Inclusion in emails, Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media posts
  • Signage (Football Field, Gym, events etc.)

“Being involved with Saint Ambrose makes a lot of sense. It’s a way to work together and support our community. For me it is the right thing to do and when you do the right thing, the rest follows. Saint Ambrose has been a good partner for my company and is good for our community.”  

Roger Nair
Owner-President of NLCI, Owner-President of NEO Group/ Keller-Williams Realty


We would like to form a partnership with you – one that makes good business sense for you and at the same time allows Saint Ambrose to continue the great work we are doing both for our members and our local community.

The sponsorship packages listed in this booklet outline the opportunities available to you.  We will work with you to make this  a great experience for you.

We promise:

  • A high value partnership that is mutually beneficial.
  • Presentation of your company in a very respectful, high-quality way.
  • A positive working relationship that responds to your needs.
  • Consistent presence to the 5,400 Saint Ambrose families.
  • Regular visibility throughout our area.
  • Once you commit to a partnership with Saint Ambrose, you will not be asked to support other Saint Ambrose projects/ programs/events, unless you choose to support a specific program.

A complete opportunity:

Saint Ambrose also sponsors a number of events for the entire region.  We can use these events to compliment your sponsorship package.

  • Health & Wellness Fair
  • Summer Festival
  • Lenten Fish Fry
  • Autumn Harvest Celebration
  • Living Nativity
  • Saint Nick Breakfast
  • Winter Carnival
  • Neon Bingo