Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish is a Part of Your Community

We are here to serve and build up those in our care.

Serving Our Community at Saint Ambrose Catholic ParishWhether it’s as a part of Brunswick, Medina and Cuyahoga counties, or the Diocese of Cleveland, Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish is a part of your community.

Proudly located Brunswick, Ohio, our church holds many opportunities to positively impact the lives of its residents. Whether it be offering assistance to local families or providing a great time for families and friends at our Summer Festival, we love being here and serving Brunswick residents, as well as residents in Medina and Cuyahoga counties.

Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish is a vital part of the Catholic community in the Diocese of Cleveland. Together with other local churches, we work together to bring Christ to others in our area.

Not only are we part of the community, but we are a community! Make sure to keep up-to-date with everything here at Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish by reading up on our weekly bulletins and quarterly Angelus newsletters.

Are you looking for a church form? You’re in the right place! Download them to the left.

Looking for a way to give back? Check out our Auto-Giving program, and visit our Community Partners.

We’re here for you, and because of you. Together, we are the Family of God. Thank you for being a part of Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish. YOU make us special.