Mission Possible

Jake Bihari
, 330.460.7331 or JBihari@StAmbrose.us
Diane Graham, 330.321.1630 or dgrahamflowers@gmail.com
Sarah Krieger, skrieger@missionpossible.us


Saint Ambrose pioneered a mission trip to Higuey, Dominican Republic in 2006. We partnered with a poor community devastated by hurricanes and began helping them rebuild. Since then, over 150 people have traveled to Higuey every June and December to build a community center, a school, a chicken coop, establish a water system, hook up electricity, and bring much-needed food and supplies to our brothers and sisters in Christ. This lasting relationship has made a difference in the lives of people both in Higuey and right here in Brunswick.  Saint Ambrose parishioners have generously supported our mission outreach through prayers, financial donations, and the donations of clothing, toys and building supplies. Thank you for your generosity!

Learn more about Mission Possible at www.MissionPossible.us

Suggested Strengths: Achiever, Ideation, Includer, Arranger, Adaptability