Prayer Requests & Special Intentions

As a community of faith, we are brothers and sisters – one family – in the Lord.

One of the gifts we can give to each other is to hold each other and our special intentions in prayer.

There’s a strength and peace that comes when we pray for one another.  If you have a special intention or prayer request, please complete the form below.  You can either keep this intention private (only shared among our priests and deacons), or you can share this with the entire community so all our members can keep you, your intention, and/or your loved one in prayer.

If you would like to pray for a member of the military, please visit our Ministry to the Military webpage.

Scroll down to see special intentions and prayer requests from those in our community. Please take time to hold them in prayer, as we do each weekend at Mass.

Prayer Requests & Intentions

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Pray for Our Sick

Rita Andrich
Josephine Balaska
Richard Baronak, Sr.
Jill Bartek
Ted Beba
Helen Bednar
Joseph Bednar
Pixie Blake
Doris Breen
Joyce Broadway
James Brooks
Kathy Burns
Christianson Family
Andrew Clark Maureen Conway
Rita Creadon
Diane Davenport
Sheila Davidson
Alex Deka
Maria DeLuca-McKee
Kathleen Duncan
Mel Edgel
Becky Frisco
Jerry Gerspacher
Dan Ginley
Richie Golan
Matt Gould
Pat Hauberg
Robert Ipavec
Robert Jones
Sandra Kaaikaula Sherri Kerr
Agnes Knox
Koziak Family
Connor Krol
Trenton Krol
Beatrice Longo
Ron Longo
Patricia Luk
Shirley Mayer
Mary Murdock
Sarah Murdock
Gail Nalesnik
Bob & Karen Pencek
Judy Peskura
Thomas Riddle
Mary Ann Riess
Lori Roy
Stan Savich
Christine Schafer
Kathrine Schmidt
Bradley Sieber
Debby Sommons
Mikenna Stephenson
Colleen Sumskis
Betty Taller
Ken Tassin
Lori Uhler
Nancy Van Gieson Lilliana Van Pelt
Colleen Wagner
Patricia Zdolshek

We Lift up those Battling Cancer

Toni S.
Erin Alan
Kimberly Ball
Fred Beba
Michele Billick
Debbie Burrell
Gail Buttitta
Nora Carangio
Charlotte Casselbary
Gary Chesnik
Pat Ciekanski
Rosie Colucci
Steven Dearth
Barb Dick
Roger Droll
Kristen Eble
Mary Ferritti
Barbara Fiala
Jackie Fielding
Barbara Fischer
Noah Forlini-Kotlarek
Robert Gallik
Vince Gassi
Edward Gaus
Mike Ginley
Mark Hogan
Bridgitte Jones
Adraine Jungbluth
Clara Kalal
Mike Kalka
Desh Kapur
Kim Kasicky
Kathy Keglovich
Bob Klaehn
Daniel Klamert
David Klem Jr
Karen Koren
Joy Kowalski
Joan Krall
Kathy Kunkler
Joyce Lancaster
Dolores Lauerhahs
Jennifer Lazar
Terri Leitter
Carol Lersch
Dan Lewanski
Richard Malone
Helen Mancuso
Tina Mates
Lisa Mayfeld
Mick McGinnis
Sandy Metzer
Edward Morey
Tina Mounts
Barb Nofel
Megan Orzechowski
Ali Parsipopour
Eric Reeder
Joanne Reinhart Allyson Reynes
Cathy Ricciuto
Karen Ryan
Kim Saffle
Tim Schmotzer
Gerri Shopp
Robert Sklenka
Andy Stamper
Jen Stancato
Angelo Stavole
Jackie Symons
Barbara Tescar
Jenny Vasel
Joanne Walsh
Mary Jo Weihrouch

Please note, we do not post every request we receive due to the personal nature of certain intentions. If you do not see your intention below, please don’t worry – we have received it and are lifting up your request in prayer.

Prayer Requests Submitted Online

Please pray for my son who is struggling very badly with behavioral issues. I am asking God to take my hand and guide me in helping him overcome these issues and to see the error of his ways.

Please Heavenly Father, provide 100% complete healing for my little girl. May she be restored back to perfect health. Please let all my children be 100% healthy and free from all cancers, diseases, illnesses, disorders, disabilities , allergies, and impairments. Restore my lil girl’s health, mind, body soul and immune system. Amen.

Pray for my daughter, Dev.

Prayer needed asap for miracles of protection against evil people. Prayer for unspoken prayer . In Jesus name I ask.

I ask you to join me in my very special prayer request for my nephew and my niece. Both of these beautiful children are also my godchildren. I have not been able to have a child of my own, so they hold the #1 spot in my heart.

Emergency prayer request… I’m deeply desperately seeking urgent prayers for is my sister.

For my daughter who is struggling with stress and anxiety. Asking that God will hold her up strong and bless her with his peace and strength.

I need prayer to keep my eyes and my heart on God. I am not doing well with a break-up. Please pray God remove this horrible pain and sorrow I feel from the rejection of my ex.

Please pray for me to gain strength, be healthy, and live a long life. I wish the same for everyone.

Please pray for my mom salvation and pray for her healing. Also, please pray for salvation and excellent health and long life for my uncle and aunt. Pray salvation, healing and long life for my mom’s boyfriend who has cancer… In the name of Jesus. Please pray GOD brings me a companion real soon in JESUS Name. Been praying for this since my early mid 20’s and now I’m 49 years old.

Prayers needed for my brother who is suffering with bladder and lung cancer. Thank you.

Please pray for continued healing in all areas for 3 people with very serious illness and their family. One of them is still fighting for their life. Please pray for God’s guidance and protection and for a very strong awareness of His Presence, and that He is with them through this whole thing. Please pray for the family and staff to work together in love and to get the people and help that they need to heal. Please pray for them all to fulfill the calling that God has on their lives. Please pray for them to respect the decisions that the ones who are sick make. Please pray that God changes what was meant for bad for His glory. Thx so much. God, please Bless you

Pray for loved ones who are sick and struggling financially, barely making ends meet. Please place them before the Blessed Eucharist. Thanks and God bless you.

We are facing eviction and I ask that you please pray we move and find an apartment asap. I’m pregnant with 3 small children.

Please pray for me. I would like to have another baby. I am 41 years old. I had my first baby at 39. Please pray God blesses us with another child soon. Also, please pray that I can be healthy and lose weight for myself and my family.

Please pray for me that God in His mercy will heal me from Covid and that no one will get sick because of me, thank you and God bless.

Please pray for strength, good health, long life, healing, safety, peace.

Heavenly father, Your infinite love and grace is much greater than my mistakes. You sent Your son, our Lord, Jesus Christ to this world to conquer sin and death. He paid for my sins and illness and restored me to divine health when he died for me on the cross over 2000 years ago. I thank you for this incredible sacrifice on my behalf. Amen.

For JT: the car accident settlement be resolved. For J & K: to live their lives pleasing the Lord. For M: to do well in school & to choose the right husband. For D: to do well in school, art, & swimming.

Dear Community of Prayer, thank you for praying with us daily for the long term! THE PAIN AND HEAVINESS OF OUR HEARTS CRIES OUT TO GOD FOR HIS MERCY AND(REST)PEACE!! CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR PEACE!!! Wishing the Community of prayer peace in their hearts! Somehow by the grace of God and your prayers we are still standing. We are more determined than ever to pray! To enter His eternal rest and trust that out of that rest will come His will for everything. All that matters now in these dark times is His perfect will? In the end only love remains. Thank you for praying with all of us daily during this terrible dark time(2020’S,,) in world history! Just know we are praying with you daily. Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead 2022,2023… or as long as possible? For God’s Mercy, Healing and Protecting Peace in these turbulent times. Please pray with us for our personal(Broken Hearts and Lives) recovery. God’s Healing and Protecting Peace. Still recovering from the loss of our only son and other sorrows and hardships then and Now! Thank you for standing with us in daily prayer.( Christmas, Epiphany, Winter, Spring 2022,2023..??) Long Term? PLEASE IF POSSIBLE? We will continue to stay at our Post in Prayer! In His Eternal Rest.

Please pray for my mom’s pain to lessen or go away. She is diabetic and cries everyday. Please pray. Thank you.

I pray my children won’t get taken away and that my children will be protected always. Protect me God from evil. Bless me God. Bless my money. Bless all people in my home, Amen.

For Peace of Mind Body and Soul. For Grace Mercy and Love. For Miracles. In Jesus’ name, Now and Forever, Amen.

For my best friends Mother she has esophageal cancer and last week had a large portion of her esophagus removed. With the upcoming Feast of St Blaise it seemed fitting to ask for a prayer for her throat.

Please pray for my family, my friends, my neighborhood, and everyone. For peace, safety, good health, long life, healing, recovery, strength, comfort, and for pain to be taken away.

Please pray for my son that he is protected from all evil his girlfriend is trying to destroy him he needs prayers for protection God bless you.

Please pray for my auntie to have strength, good health, and healing for her feet and legs. Please pray for her pain to lessen and go away.

Praying for healing from a mysterious, debilitating gastrointestinal illness for the past several years. I have been on disability since September. I also had COVID over Christmas and developed a heart issue since the infection. I feel God’s grace and healing each day, but I pray this suffering can be offered up for my sins and for the sins of the whole world. I pray the Lord restores me to good health and that He leads me to the vocations He wants for my life.

Please pray, I am having disturbance problems with things unseen. Please pray, I am getting harassed by a man at my loft where I live. They are harassing me and trying to get me out of my loft. I was here before them. Please pray that I am safe and that my living situation is safe. Please pray that the people who are harassing me don’t bother me anymore. Thank you.

Please help me pray I am having Amniocentesis Feb.8, pray for my baby to be healthy. Amen

Please pray for my father who is recovering from major heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. Please pray for continued healing and strength.

For my son, a recent college grad, that he may find direction in his life and free his mind from anxiety/depression about the future.

Please pray for safety and good health for everyone.

Please pray for a loved one and all those who are elderly or are experiencing memory loss. Please pray for improvement in memory, longer life, and for those who are caregivers, relatives, friends, or volunteers who help those who are affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia

Please pray for safety, peace, strength, good health and healing for my family and friends and everyone.

Please pray for hope, encouragement, good health, my daughter’s employment, and all the needs of my loved ones. Jesus, Our Lady of Sorrows, Joseph, pray for us Amen. Thank you.

For my left ankle and leg, to be free of infection, and skin to heal to normal.

Please pray for Basil, he is in the hospital with covid. Thank you.

Please pray for my husband and son who both recently died; please pray they find heaven and each other; please pray that my living son and I find peace.

Please pray for a little girl, 9 years old . That her operation and biopsy goes well. That the results are not cancer and she is healthy little girl please please pray.

I ask that you please pray for my girlfriend’s parents, that they would be delivered and healed from being cruel, hateful, and unkind people. Please pray that God would lead them to Him that He will save their souls from Hell and that they would become kind and forgiving people. Pray that they will receive the gift of eternal life by confessing Jesus as Lord and repent of their sins. Lastly, please pray that they would stop treating me like I’m an enemy and stop hating along with judging me and stop thinking I’m a pervert. Pray that they will forgive me for my sexual sin that I committed with their daughter. It’s very important that you pray specifically for everything I’ve asked so please keep that in mind. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Lord I pray, my interview goes well and I outperform others to get the job to use my gifts to serve you and my community. Let me get the job please.

For my medical and transportation bills be paid by insurance, for my family to reconcile with me, and all those who have no one to pray for them.

Pray Jesus through the intersection of The Most Holy Immaculate Mother Maria, Saint Joseph and all Saints bless my loved one on the occasion of his 16th birthday to love and trust in God, to love Mother Maria, to love his parents, to have abundant wisdom, grace and discernments to do God’s will, to study hard and be healthy.

I pray and ask Jesus, if it be His will to continue to heal my leg and reduce the pain. I pray that this disease doesn’t spread. I ask and pray this in Jesus’s name.

Please pray for our son, as he was just diagnosed with Leukemia.

Need prayers for my good friend. He’s been diagnosed with ALS and has had covid and arthritis. Asking for complete healing and restoration from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet in the mighty name of Jesus according to God’s will. Amen.

God please watch over my father. They have found large metastatic cancer in his abdomen and it cannot be removed. I understand that your will must be done but please keep him out of pain and suffering. Please grant him serenity and happiness as he goes thru this. He is a very good man that has taught me unconditional love and he is a warm kind man. I believe wholeheartedly that you brought me back from the depths of hell and I am a first hand witness of your miracles. You are my eternal father and you are a loving and forgiving father and I love you. I ask you to please help my human father here on earth. I surrender to you to do with me as you see best fit in order to serve your children – your will not mine be done.

Pray God through the intersection of the Most Holy Immaculate Mother Maria, Saint Joseph and all Saints cure my mom and keep my family safe from Covid.

For god to send me a spouse in life soon.

Loved one is in ICU, intubated, with COVID, and doctors are saying she needs a miracle! She contracted it from taking care of her son (& his family) who is also in the hospital.

Please pray for my daughter’s addiction physical mental and emotional pain. Please pray for her depression loneliness emptiness fears and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for her safety health finances happiness and salvation. Thank you and God bless you.

For Peace. For Grace Mercy and Love. For Miracles.

Please pray that I will reconcile with my coworker. I pray that God might even allow us to become good friends. And please pray for the strengthening of my faith so that I can believe that I will receive it. In Jesus name, Amen.

Please pray for healing for my dad (82) who is in the hospital with cellulitis. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for loved ones for communication unity peace connection companionship compassion consideration cooperation harmony agreement loyalty unity favor grace understanding.

Do pray for my family. My wife’s caesarian is done a few days ago. Pray for her complete recovery and health. New born baby has infection in his eye and gas constipation. Do pray for his health. My younger daughter is not eating property. She has some problem in stomach. Do pray for her health. Regards

Please pray for our friend and neighbor who is in hospital with a blood infection and worsened over night. He is a kind, humble, loving and generous Christian man.

T – had chemo for colorectal cancer- dealing with fluid on knees and trouble getting up and legs hurting-prayer for God to continue miracle healing- no more cancer! She fell- please heal! T&D & J – loss of only child and wife. B – loss of best friend. K – health, mind peace, strength emotional healing eating- need to lose weight.

Please pray with me for a loved one; May the Grace, Peace and Protection of the holy spirit dwell in her heart and life and job, and For the mercy of the Lord in the life of her. Blessed be she and my Life, Health, Job and my Home, in the name of Jesus, amen. Thank you!

Please pray for my medical problems that I have and also for a special intention close to my heart. I’m suffering but know my Lord is with me. Thank you

For the health/healing of JG. For the health/healing of DG. For the health/healing of TL. For the repose of the soul of  EP.

For the repose of the soul of Officer Franklin Joe. +

Pray for my husband who has Covid and a high temperature. Pray for a quick and complete healing and recovery and that the rest of the family stays healthy. He does not have sick pay and is the only one working pray he recovers quickly so we can pay our bills.

Please pray for my grandpa. He is currently on a ventilator. Please pray for his strength as he battles covid pneumonia, for the doctors and nurses treating him, and pray for his hopeful recovery.

Please pray for me to get closer to god and to find a local church to go to and please pray for all of my life problems and all of my health problems.

I’m asking our Lord God to heal me I’ve been dealing with health problems for over 20 years and seen many doctors my health is getting worse and I know our Lord God can heal me and I’m asking for all the prayers I can receive because I know all things are possible through our great and Almighty Lord God thank you.

Please pray for John’s health because he’s older and this is very stressful for him to have to deal with. Thank you for praying!

Prayers for me to walk due to Parkinson’s and ataxia…protection from covid….my husband’s lungs and heart.. amen thank you.

Praying for an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please bless and restore all those infected with the virus. Please bless all healthcare workers, frontline workers, and essential workers fighting the pandemic. I also ask for prayer and blessings for my parents and brother to ensure excellent health, blessings, happiness, safety, prosperity, and protection daily and always. I also ask for prayers and blessings on my current legal case. Please lead me to full legal victory and resolution in my favor, reinstating fully my Medicare privileges. I also ask for help in finding suitable employment in order to support my family, give back to those in need, as well as pay my bills responsibly. Please also bless and uplift those who are homeless, alone, handicapped, or hospitalized. This is I humbly ask in the name of God and Our Lady of Lourdes with great thanks and appreciation. Amen.

That my mom be healed of breast cancer she has had for several months and that she would get the right treatment and that the rash covering her body would be healed in Jesus name.

Please pray for our son who is separated from his wife and very depressed. Pray for healing in his life and his marriage. He and his wife have two little children that need him.

Please pray for my husband. Please let him have a change of heart about our marriage.

Please pray for my grandson for his safety when driving he will be travelling to la California for his work he is a salesman he has to travel from shop to shop every day pray that God will protect him from all accidents and harm he tends to be accident prone pray that the blessed mother will wrap her blue veil around him and protect him from all accidents Thank you.

Please pray for the health of my elderly mother and that she receive compassionate care from her caregivers. Thank you.

Please pray for my special intention that God knows.

Please pray for my father who is very ill with COVID-19: He has bad coughing fits, night sweats and he is elderly. His symptoms got suddenly worse 10 days into the illness, instead of better (people are supposed to recover about 10 days into the illness, according to conventional medical literature). Also, the entire family has COVID, and both priests in our parish (there are just 2 for 3,500 families) are ill with COVID, as is the sacristan. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray with me for the healing of my granddaughter, that she will heal completely of covid 19. Thank you and God bless and keep you. Amen.

Pls. pray for my son and his wife who have covid and for another loved one who is very ill with it too. Pls. pray for all I hold dear in prayer, also for a total end to covid and for protection for all from it.

Please pray for my son. He is a year old and the best boy ever. Please pray he loves God and is always a good person. Please pray he is smart and goes very far in life. Please pray that he is will always be safe, loving and kind.

Please pray for my dad. He is in the hospital battling Covid.

Please pray for the mind, body and spirit of loved one. Please also pray for me that I am able to find and sustain gainful employment. AMEN.

Please dear God let my grand daughter recover. Please keep her healthy, please. Amen.