BINGO at Saint Ambrose Parish

FRIDAY BINGO: 5:00 pm Doors Open  |  7:00 pm BINGO Starts
SUNDAY LENT BINGO:  2:00 pm Doors Open  |  4:00 pm BINGO Starts

The Friendliest Game In Town!  


Sunday, February 18
Sunday, March 3
Sunday, March 17
Friday, April 5
Friday, April 19


Doors Open 2:00 pm | Bingo Begins 4:00 pm

Bring a friend to play! Check out all of our BINGO food and game specials.

Sunday, March 3
Spend $25 and receive one FREE Extra Coverall
$3 Sloppy Joes, Chips and Cookie

Sunday, March 17
One FREE small lightning with any Marker Madness purchase.
$5 St. Patrick’s Day Meal: corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.

BINGO Pricing & Packages

Updated April 2023

Admission Package for Regular Games

Paper ONLY Bingo Games
No Splitting – Everyone must have a door stub

1-Pkg. 9 ON – $15
2-Pkg. 9 ON – $17
3-Pkg. 9 ON – $19
4-Pkg. 9 ON – $21
5-Pkg. 9 ON – $23
All you can play! – $25  (Up to 8 Pack of 9/Ons)

Add On Games

Early Bird Specials: (1) for $1 • (3) for $2
Extra 9-ons: $2 each
Lightning Bingo: Small Lightning $1 • Large Lightning $2
Marker Madness: One pack of 3 Ons $5
Coverall Bonus Jackpot: $1 Entry
Extra Coveralls: (1) for $2 • (2) for $3
Marker Madness: 1-pkg of 3-on for $5
Angel Game: $1 Entry
Daubers: $2

Combo Packages – NEW!

Combos purchased in-person ONLY.

Small Combo: $18 | One 9-on, One Small Early Bird, Small Lightning (1-on), Angel
Medium Combo: $22 | Two 9-ons, Three Large Early Bird, Bonus Jackpot, Small Lightning (1-on), Angel
Large Combo: $27 | Three 9-ons, Three Large Early Bird, Bonus Jackpot, Large Lightning (3-on), Extra Coverall, Angel

Payouts & Prizes

★ Four Early Bird Specials
★ 12 Regular Games including 3 Multi-Part Games with payouts of $100 or more!
★ Coverall $1,000 – $1,199
★ Bonus Coverall Jackpot Pays up to an Additional $2,000!
★ BINGO on any regular package BINGO game on our Marker Madness 3 ON and win up to an additional $500!
★ Big Prizes on our 25¢, 50¢, and $1 break open tickets

NEARLY $8,000 in Bingo Prizes & Instant Payouts!

Weekly Progressive Jackpot with a maximum payout of $10,000!

House Rules:

  1. You must have a valid admission ticket with the correct date to receive a door prize or payout.
  2. You must have the last number called on your winning sheet for a valid bingo.
  3. Player is responsible for making sure the caller recognizes they have a winning bingo. Make sure to yell bingo loud enough for the caller to hear. Once the bingo is closed by the caller, no other bingos will be accepted. No exceptions.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel bingo or reduce payouts due to low attendance or unforeseen causes.
  5. The house reserves the right to alter the lineup or payouts. We will do our best to give ample notice well in advance.
  6. No seats will be reserved by the house for regular bingo. A player can hold an adjacent seat up to 6:30 PM for a friend.
  7. Instant Tickets can be purchased and claimed by admission bingo ticket holders only. House may ask to see receipt.
  8. All tickets must be cashed on the night they are sold and closed unless the game is carried over to the following week.
  9. Any person winning $600 or more on Instants or $1200 or more on Bingo games, must sign a tax form, and provide a government issued ID and social security number. By law, we cannot pay without a social security number and ID.
  10. In the case of multiple winners, prizes will be divided equally based on participation and eligibility.
  11. We will announce one VIP per week. No player can be VIP more than once every 90 days.
  12. Please be courteous to our volunteers. They are here solely to serve the parish and to assist our players.
  13. No volunteer can accept tips. Please do not offer tips. This is a diocesan regulation.
  14. We award a maximum of one winning prize for the Money Ball each night. It is played on games 7a, 7b, and 10.
  15. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the bingo hall after 5:00 PM.

We do not accept tips. All of our workers are voluntary help working for the good of Saint Ambrose Parish—please treat them with your utmost courtesy. We appreciate your patronage. Thank You—Father Bob Stec.