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Every Friday Night – Doors open at 5:00 pm

4 Early Birds all Double Bingo at 7:00 PM (Pays $50.00 each!)
YOU CHOOSE – Paper and/or Computer Bingo

Admission Package for All Regular Games

2-Pkg. 9 ON – $13
3-Pkg. 9 ON – $15
4-Pkg. 9 ON – $18Picture 2015-01-06 at 1.39.37 PM
5-Pkg. 9 ON – $21
$25.00 – All you can play! (Up to 8 Pack of 9/Ons)
$25.00 – 48 Face Computer with 1 Pack of 9/Ons
$35.00 – 90 Face Computer with 1 Pack of 9/Ons
$3.00 Additional 9/Ons with Computer Purchase
$5.00 for 1 Pack of 3/Ons for Marker Madness game

No Splitting Pkg. – Everyone must have a door stub

Super 10X Pays Game

Player can win MIN of $100 and MAX of $750 depending on the nightly multiplier.

Marker Madness Game

Bingo on any regular package bingo game on your Marker Madness 3ON and win up to an additional $500!

No regular games under $125.00



Saint Ambrose Parish is excited to announce that we will be adding a new U-PIK game to our bingo line beginning on March 4th.  This game will be played every week just prior to the intermission.

U-PIK allows our players to pick their own eight “lucky” numbers on a lottery-type sheet, which is then scanned into our bingo system. They also have the option to let the computer automatically pick eight random numbers. The system will then print off a customized bingo card, showing the eight numbers the player chose. A special dauber is used to mark the cards. The premise of the game is to be the first player to have all eight of their numbers called, in order to win the $250 jackpot.

The cost of the game will be $1 per face, with no limit to the number of faces purchased.  Players can retain their sheets, and either bring them back every week to ensure the same eight numbers, or they have the option to fill out a new sheet each week.  Each face purchased as part of the main package at the POS station will earn the player 1 point.  Additional faces can be purchased throughout the evening, but these will not be eligible for points.  U-Pik daubers will also be available for $1 at the entrance.

So come join us and make sure you bring your lucky U-PIK sheet!  Our volunteers will be handing them out at the front computer near the doors prior to every session.

We thank you for your loyal patronage, and look forward to continually improving your bingo experience at Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish in Brunswick.

House Rules:

  1. You Must Have A Valid Admission Ticket Validated And Dated To Receive Door Prize And/Or Payoff.
  2. You Must Have The last Number Called On Your Card To Have A Valid Bingo. No Bingo Will Be Honored After Caller Announces Bingo Is Closed. Player Is Responsible For Making Sure A Bingo Is Recognized By The Caller.
  3. Persons Under 18 Are Not Permitted In The Hall. We Reserve The Right To Check I.D.’S.
  4. We Reserve The Right To Cancel Bingo, Or Modify Prizes In The Event Of Inclement Weather Or Other Unforeseen Circumstances.
  5. We Reserve The Right To Make Changes. When Possible, Changes Will Be Announced At Least Two Weeks In Advance.
  6. The House Does Not Reserve Seats. To Be Fair, Seats Are On First Come, First Serve Basis (You May Hold One Seat For A Friend, Until 6:30pm Only).
  7. “Instants” May Be Purchased And/Or Opened By Admission Ticket Holders Only And Must Be Cashed On The Evening They Are Purchased.
  8. Any Person Winning $600 Or More On Instant Bingo, Or $1,200 Or More On Bingo, Must Sign A W-2g Form, Provide Government Issued ID and Provide Social Security Number. No Social…No Winnings!
  9. Packages May Not Be Split. Pay Out Will Not Be Made If Tickets Do Not Correspond To Your Number Of Packages.
  10. In The Case of Multiple Winners, Prize Monies Will Be Divided Equally According To Participation And Eligibility In Bonus Games.
  11. One VIP Winner Per Week. One VIP Win Per Customer Every 90 Days.

The Friendliest Game In Town!

We do not accept tips. All of our workers are voluntary help working for the good of Saint Ambrose Parish—please treat them with your utmost courtesy. We appreciate your patronage. Thank You—Father Bob Stec

Early Bird 1 Wild Double…..$50.00

Early Bird 2 Double…..$50.00

Early Bird 3 Spot Double…..$50.00

Early Bird 4 Double…..$50.00

Regular Games:

Game 1 Blue Inside Picture Frame…..$125.00
Outside Picture Frame…..$125.00

Game 2 Orange Double Bingo….$ 125.00

Game 3 Green Block of Four…..$ 125.00


Game 4 Yellow Double Postage Stamp…..$ 125.00
Triple Postage Stamp…..$ 125.00

Game 5 Pink Single Hard Way…..$ 125.00

Game 6 Gray Top or Bottom Line…..$ 125.00
Letter T…..$ 125.00

Game 7 Lightning …..$ 175.00


Game 8 Olive Single Bingo…..$ 125.00
Double Bingo…..$ 125.00

Game 9 Six Pack-Super 10X Pays…..One 3/On for $1.00…..6 for $5.00………$100.00-$750.00

Game 10 Brown Spot Double……$ 125.00

Game 11 Red Single Bingo…..$ 125.00
Double Bingo…..$ 125.00

COVERALL…..$ 1000.00

Game 12 Purple 4 Corners…..$ 125.00
Letter X…..$ 125.00

Game 13 Black Wild Double……$ 125.00

Marker Madness played during, but not included in, regular package games. $5.00 per set.
* Early Birds ** Package Games *** Not Part of Package