There are 2 types of background checks related to Saint Ambrose.

Sign up Genius is for the actual fingerprinting done in person at St. Ambrose Parish Life Center. This is done for New Volunteers, teachers and those who need licensure from the state and/or employment purposes. Some parishes may also require this type of background check. If you know you need actual fingerprinting done, please proceed to Signup Genius to schedule an appointment.

If the background check is not for volunteering with Saint Ambrose Parish or School, there is a $30 fee, payable to Saint Ambrose by cash or check. Credit cards are not accepted.


As a volunteer, if it has been more than 5 years since your last background check, you will need to complete the online background check process thru Following Diocesan directives, we are now working with to do background checks. Ongoing periodic checks thru make sure that all of our children and volunteers are safe and supported in their service to the Lord. is much easier and more convenient for you to use as well as for the parish.  It does come with a onetime cost of $25. You will be prompted to complete the background check when you log on to your Virtus account. For those who are unable to financially cover this cost, please contact Michele at the Parish Office (