We are a Catholic community of faith,
centered on Jesus Christ, who is everything for us.

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A Future Full of Hope

Our parish community is alive and filled with God’s Spirit.

Day in and out, our members are passionately doing the work of the Lord – giving, sharing, serving, helping, caring – in the ways of the Lord. God is blessing our efforts to be a beacon of the light and love of the Lord.

Our future is full of hope because the Lord is with us as we continue to work to build up God’s kingdom and to care for our sisters and brothers. There’s a real sense of blessing and goodness as we come together in the name of the Lord.

You are most welcome at Saint Ambrose. Please let us know how we can best care for you and your family.

About our Parish

Saint Ambrose Catholic Parish works hard to be strong and active in the Brunswick community, strengthening the values of family life and service.

Since its founding in 1957 to this very day, hundreds and thousands consider Saint Ambrose a part of ‘their family.’  Through over 150 ministries and programs, its members form wonderful bonds of friendship, reinforce family values and do great work in service to the Lord and our local community. There is something for everyone at Saint Ambrose.  As a community of faith, the parish works hard to respond to those in need. Its efforts provide food for the hungry, support for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, friendship and encouragement for those who are struggling with the pain of divorce, and so much more.

We are blessed to have such a vibrant parish life at Saint Ambrose! If you are in need, or looking for a Church ‘family’ and a spiritual home, Saint Ambrose Parish is a welcoming place for you – all of us, together, as one family in the Lord.

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