Stories of Hope

God is working in our lives!

Father Andrew shared stories of God’s mighty power alive in our community at Easter. Hopefully, you have a story from Lent, Holy Week and Easter about God’s love alive and working in your life and in your family.

If you have an example, or story, you can share, please do so below. As this weekend’s Gospel proclaims, there are many more stories that need to be told!!!

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“God is the light that illuminates the darkness,
even if it does not dissolve it,
and a spark of divine light is within each of us.”
– Pope Francis

God is in our midst!

In crisis, we have seen beautiful things. Delivering meals to homebound. Children sending colored cards to people in nursing homes. Parishioner providing sanitizer and masks for home anointing of the sick. A dear elderly parishioner drove up with his Sunday collection. Please share your story!

Beautiful things happening around us!

  • God bless our good member John Fifer and his family who run Hollo’s Papercraft (and Craft supplies). He dropped off boxes of CHALK today so the kids could do sidewalk art and scripture quotes for Holy Week and Easter. It’s in the Narthex (right next to the CD’s you can pick up).
    Together…for the glory of God. Hands…Feet…HEART of Christ!!!
  • A few younger neighbor kids colored note cards and placed in our mailbox for my husband and I.  It made us smile knowing they were thinking of us!  – Joyce
  • God bless our Catholic Works of Mercy Team for their care for those in need. They took care of 55 families tonight giving them food for the week. God bless the team who carefully screens and assesses how best we can care for those in need.
  • Many, many, many, many thanks to so many of our members who have been dropping off food for our Food Pantry. Obviously the needs have been growing and our members have responded with soul-stirring compassion and goodness.
  • A friend of mine organized a group video call to catch up. We talked for over an hour! It was so nice to chat we do it every Monday night :) – Jen
  • My grandkids surprised me on my birthday by dropping off my favorite pizza and a card on my porch. It made the day feel special. – Bob
  • Food donations continue to come in daily from members of our community! It’s completely humbling that people are stopping to drop off groceries for others in need. Thank you! – Lisa
  • Thank you to those who have dropped off their Rice Bowl already! Your sacrifice means so much to those across our world. – Fr. Bob
  • The basket at the front desk was filled with note cards for people in nursing homes. This will be so heartwarming for them – Mary

One of our parishioners, Chris, made a stained-glass cross many years ago- it was a beautiful cross with a heart in the center of it.  It was up by the church in one of the flower beds for so long, however when the renovations happened with the church, it seemed to have disappeared. She assumed it had gotten lost or broken and was discarded. Fast forward to these last couple of weeks… in the midst of all of the darkness in the world right now, Chris’ brother, Ed, passed away. This was such a huge loss for Chris; not only had she lost her brother, but she has not been able to grieve and mourn with her family. How she longs to hug her other siblings and family members… to be with them during this very sad time… to commemorate her brother with a funeral with all of his loved ones. Yet, she can’t. Chris has been feeling alone in her grief and in her sadness. She’s doing what she can to get through the days, but it’s been hard.

So in the midst of her sadness, Chris decided to visit the grotto – a place that she has found some peace and solace. There she was, just a few days ago, sitting in silence as she is thinking about her brother and looked down at the ground… and there, leaning up against a tree, was her stained-glass cross that she thought would never be found again.  She couldn’t believe it was actually here- not lost or broken like she thought, but carefully placed in such a peaceful and beautiful place. Yet as she looked closer at it, she saw that the heart had a crack in it…. a crack right down the middle of the heart in the center of the cross. Chris looked at her cross, and instead of feeling sad about the cracked heart, she realized that this is like a true replica of how she is feeling- she’s standing there with her broken heart, missing her brother so much, but… she’s still standing. She’s still standing with grace, and with beauty, and in the presence of the Lord. She’s finding comfort… and peace… and light… when so much is dark.  She’s been able to feel a bit of hope. In these dark times, in these uncertain times, we remember that when we open our hearts to the Lord, we can still feel God’s light, his love, his mercy.

Letter from our Care and Compassion Ministry Coordinator

We have had so many volunteers come forward asking how they can help.  We’ve had numerous individuals offer to help grocery shop, run errands, pick up medications and make phone calls to those most at risk of going out. We have paired up so many in need with volunteers who are helping with these tasks- in addition and more important to the errands getting done and the food being shopped for, we are helping people feel not alone. We are bringing hope and light into the lives of so many where there is uncertainty, sadness, anxiety. Our volunteers are truly being the hands, the eyes, the heart of Christ during so much darkness.  Our recipients are so appreciative of all that is being offered to them- they are most appreciative that their parish family is there for them.

There are so many individuals who are struggling with feelings of anxiousness, uncertainty, and the so many unknowns that are happening right now. Our Stephen Ministry team has been the first responders for these individuals. While we have had to get creative to adapt to this new norm since they aren’t having face-to-face contact, we are really putting into practice our Telecare mode of ministering.  Our Stephen Ministers are doing such a wonderful job providing invaluable support during this difficult time- making calls to check in, to offer hope and encouragement, to pray with them, to be their light.  During such a challenging time filled with stress, anxiety, loneliness and isolation, people need Christian care and a sense of community now more than ever, and our Stephen Ministers are so very well equipped to provide this. God Bless our Stephen Ministry team – please keep them and all of our care receivers in your prayers during this time. If you would like to talk with a Stephen Minister during this time, please contact Lisa at or 330.460.7300.

So many have donated food/monetary donations to our Catholic Works of Mercy for their weekly food distribution. They have provided hundreds of bags of groceries to over 50 families every week these last few weeks, and have served almost 400 in our monthly (take-out) Community Meal.  Catholic Works of Mercy expects to serve at least 100 families for the Easter meal distribution, in addition to providing candy, Easter grass and all the fixings so parents can make up Easter Baskets for their children.  Many thanks to our local Save-A-Lot who was able to provide hams , as well as other local businesses who have helped donate during this time.  A huge thanks to Hooley House  who will be sponsoring another take-out Community Meal for Palm Sunday.  Our Catholic Works of Mercy team has been hard at work during these difficult weeks- they have been getting creative with this new normal and working with a limited crew to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Their new building is really coming along- the freezer and refrigerated storage is up and running, and the shelving is near complete. Catholic Works of Mercy is very excited to have their Open House once it is allowed to showcase their new space and to personally thank all of you for all your support !  We are in the continued need of food donations to help with the increased need- all canned goods, pasta sauce and noodles, tuna, peanut butter, cereal, canned vegetables- all are welcome and needed. There are drop off bins in the narthex of the church leading into Parish Life Center; monetary donations can also be mailed into St. Ambrose.

Thank you for all your support!

Resources & Helping Others

In this time of great uncertainty and confusion, our parish is here to help you through these times.

Our Catholic Works of Mercy team will continue with their weekly food distributions – every Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:00. They are taking every precaution to do this in a safe manner.

If you or someone you know could use some extra help during this time – we are here to help in whatever way we can.

Please contact Lisa at and let us know how we can help.

Donations will be collected inside the narthex (connector between the church and PLC) between 9am-6pm. Please drop off your donations here and we will take care of getting these items to those families in need.

We are in the need of additional food donations:

  • peanut butter and jelly
  • tuna
  • canned soups
  • canned vegetables
  • pasta
  • spaghetti sauce
  • rice
  • other perishable foods

We have volunteers who are able to do some grocery shopping and/or additional errands for you if you are at risk of going out. Or, if you are able to help in any way, please let us know.

Please contact Lisa and let us know how we can help.

We want to increase our ‘care calls’ to our senior members. If you can simply make ten calls a week to check in on our seniors and assure them of our prayers and care, please email It’s a way of making sure all our members know that they are surrounded by the love of God and care of this community.

Ten calls a week…can you help?

With your extra time, please consider drawing a picture or writing a note/card of support for those in nursing homes. They are not able to have visitors so these cards and notes can brighten their day. They can be mailed to Saint Ambrose Church or dropped off at the Parish Office or at the doors of the Church.

Surprise friends and family members with cards in the mail to let them know you are thinking of them.

Throughout the week we are live streaming weekday Mass, Praying the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and weekend Masses. Invite someone to watch those with you and spend time in prayer together.

Watch Mass Live

Thank God for some of the wonderful technology that allows us to stay connected to the Lord and each other. Streaming the Mass from our Church is a way to bring some of God’s House into your home.

On this page you will find:

  • Live Streaming of Mass and Past Recordings
  • Daily Readings
  • Prayers and Spiritual Communion
  • Opportunities to Give
  • Helpful Tips

Make a Donation

Thank you for prayerfully considering an online donation. We are grateful for your continued support.

If there is anything we can do for you or your family during this time of uncertainty, please let us know. 330.460.7300