We are looking for members to take 1 day during Advent and offer their reflection and insight on the daily Scripture Reading. We’ll post the reflection on the parish website and start a blog, to encourage our members to share their faith with each other. All the details can be found on the sign up genius.

Please sign up for the day and it’s corresponding reading. Email your blog/reflection to: jrauschenbach@stambrose.us for proofing and to be posted. We ask that each blog/reflection is submitted 3 days prior to the actual day of the reading.

Guidelines for Composing a reflection on the Gospel of the day.

  1. Write in the first person.
  2. Complete your thoughts in 300 words or less.
  3. Avoid long run on sentences.  Break up your thoughts into small paragraphs.
  4. Make no more than 3 points in your reflection. The less the better.
  5. Try to tie your thoughts into the Christmas narrative.
  6. If you quote scripture, cite the book, chapter, and verses.
  7. If you cite another source keep your quote short and reference it.
  8. Write to your audience. In this case it is young adult to adult Saint Ambrose parishioners.
  9. Remember that readers are looking at this in a blog format and will read through it rather quickly. Get to your points quickly and avoid adding too many supporting examples.