…”Blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose hope is the LORD.  He is like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches out its roots to the stream:  it fears not the heat when it comes; its leaves stay green; in the year of drought it shows no distress, but still bears fruit.”   The first reading, from the Prophet Jeremiah, reveals, again, the promise of the Lord for those whose hope and trust are in the Lord.    Jesus is the Living Water – our source of abundant life.  How can we use these days to draw abundantly from the font of eternal and abundant life — Jesus Christ?

…Over the past two weeks, you’ve been seeing pictures of the new Baptismal Font and the fonts at each of the doors of the Church.  They are strong, visible and very accessible.  When we walk into the Church, or Chapel, or even come in for a meeting to the Parish Life Center, these fonts will be present.  They will serve as a strong reminder of the Living Water, Jesus Christ.  The more we ‘go deeper’ and give ourselves to the Lord, the more we will find the abundant life in Christ.


…You can see the signs of abundant life and goodness all around our campus.  Last week, at the Parish Leaders meeting and again at PPC, so many commented that you can see, hear and feel the presence of God in our parish community.  There are hundreds examples of your goodness.  We are alive in Christ.

…Thank you for your amazing support for Catholic Charities last weekend.  I say this, over and again, you are tremendously good people.  I pray every day that God will bless you – over and again – for your goodness.  With your goodness, Catholic Charities will bring comfort for all who hunger and thirst for the Lord…and for food and shelter…in their lives.  On behalf of the 410,000 served last year…thank you.  In today’s bulletin is a Catholic Charities appeal envelope.  If you were unable to complete one last week, please consider supporting this important outreach of our Church.

…The bells are back!!!  This weekend we are hearing the return of our handbells.  Given all things in the Church, they took a little break.  As we start preparing for Easter and returning to the Church, the bells are back – and practicing – and ringing again.  We are so blessed!!!    Matt Fodor is always willing to start a second group.  If you’ve ever rang…or would like to learn…please reach out to Matt (mfodor@StAmbrose.us).

…While it seems like yesterday when we closed the Church for renovation…it will be tomorrow….when we move back in at Easter.  For many years, we have had a wonderful group of our members who would come in and help do a good cleaning before holidays, etc.  We would like to try to get ‘four’ teams to help clean the Church weekly.  This would really allow us to take best care of our Church and support the good people who work to take care of our parish.  Long story short….if you can give an hour a month to clean (sweep, wash, wipe, empty), we would love to get this lined up now before Easter.   For more information or to sign up, please contact Amanda McCrary at ajmm18@aol.com.

…We had a GREAT World Marriage Day celebration last Saturday.  About 80 couples joined in Mass and a great gathering.  Father Dan Schlegel offered a great message.  Father Dan is coming back on Saturday, February 23 for a Day of Recollection for Married Couples from 10:00 am until 2:30 pm.  It’s a great way to celebrate and refresh your marriage.  It’s comfortable….easy…free..meaningful…it will be a great blessing for you and your spouse.  To sign up, please contact Helen Sheridan at hsheridan@StAmbrose.us.

…We are working to stir up our Communication Committee for the parish.  If you are involved in marketing, PR, communications, social media, website design….we need your input to help us to spread the good word in the best and most effective ways.  We are meeting this Monday at 7 pm in the John Paul II room.  All are welcome.

…Our Parish Endowment Committee is meeting this coming Wednesday at 6:00 pm.   We are always looking for a few members to join the team.  If you have a background in financial planning, we would love to have your guidance.  The committee meets quarterly.  For more information please contact Kathy Plavecski at kplavecski@independentadv.com or simply join us on Wednesday at 6:00 pm.

…Our Lent Fish Fry is right around the corner.  The planning team had a great meeting last week and are planning a fresh menu and great fish fry for our community.  They can always use your help.  They also need bakery each week.  And mostly importantly, please invite your neighbors and friends to join us on Ash Wednesday and every Friday night during Lent.  If you can lend a hand as a Fish Fry volunteer or baker, please contact Mike Mascio at mmascio@StAmbrose.us.


…How are you spending President’s Day (Monday)??  Let me tell you how the Saint Ambrose School and Littlest Angels Preschool faculty are spending their day.  They are using their day off to participate in a Mental Health First Aid Clinic.  The goal of this professional workshop is to make sure all our faculty and staff have the best possible understanding of how to help all of our students be their best, healthiest, holiest and happiest self.  It’s one more way to reinforce the culture of care and compassion in our school and in our parish community.  Our parish leaders will have the opportunity for the same workshop in the Fall.  The more we know how to help and support each student, and each member, the better we can fulfill our mission of bringing the care and compassion of Christ to each child of God.  God bless our faculty and staff for their commitment to learning, growing, and being best for each student.

…I was at a funeral home the other day and the one of the funeral directors commented, “Father Bob I love driving by Saint Ambrose.  No matter when I drive by, I see so many cars…so many lights on…so many people.  The parish is alive.”  All of us working together continue to create a parish that is caring, compassionate, and welcoming to all people.  Thank you for your goodness and continued support for our community.  Together…for the glory of God.

…Lent 1.3 is coming!  One hour….three times….this Lent.  Please open your heart and stretch yourself to join a Lent Faith Sharing Group this Lent.  It will be a great blessing for you…and for our entire community.

…Have a blessed week.  Prayers always for you.