…”Brothers and sisters:  I should like you to be free of anxieties.”  The opening words of our second reading this weekend from Paul to the Corinthians is really a beautiful and powerful message.  Always, the Lord wishes for us to be at peace in the Lord.  This comes as we continue to make Christ the center and focus of our lives, our days, and our decision.  How can we use this week to focus on the Lord and find the deep peace that Christ alone can give?

…This coming Friday, February 2, our parish will be hosting a Healing Mass at 7 pm.  This special opportunity is a continuation from last May when many of our members came to such a celebration and found great peace and healing from the Lord.  God wishes us to be free of anxiety so we can each have the healing peace of the Lord.  I cannot encourage you enough to join in this special time of prayer.

…Today marks the start of Catholic Schools Week.  We are very blessed at Saint Ambrose to have a strong and thriving Catholic School.  Mrs. Cinadr and Mr. Dziedzicki, along with our faculty and staff, are doing a great job in our K-8 program.  We are striving every day to give each student everything they need to grow and thrive in the ways of the Lord.  Mrs. Mitchell and our Littlest Angels Preschool team are working with our youngest members to set a strong foundation in both faith and learning.  We are one of 44 schools in the State of Ohio that has STEM designation.  Even more importantly, Mrs. Cinadr shared with me that our student testing scores are rapidly on the rise.  Please take some time to learn more about how our SAS and LAPS can serve you and your family.  For more information contact Breanne Logue at blogue@StASchool.us.

…Bishop Perez will be at Saint Ambrose on Wednesday for the 10 am Mass with our school community.  It’s part of Catholic Schools Week.  It’s a great honor that he has chosen to come and spend this time with our community.  Please feel free to join us at Mass.

…Saint Ambrose School is also now an EdChoice School.  Thanks to the State of Ohio, students/families with limited income can receive a ‘voucher’ for tuition at Saint Ambrose School.  You can get a great, faith-based education at no cost.  To learn more, please contact Breanne (blogue@StAmbrose.us).

…This past week our school was blessed to initiate a healthier lunch program thanks to our friends at Marc’s and Dole.  Both were on hand to dedicate and launch our new salad bar program.   This will be a great addition to our school program.  We are so blessed!  

…As we come to the end of January (shocking), we are just weeks away from the start of Lent (February 14, 2018) and with it, the start of our Lenten Fish Fry.  Watch for details and invite your family and friends.  We also need some new workers.  See today’s bulletin for details.  Proceeds from the Fish Fry will be put into a fund to help us renovate our Chapel.

…Many of you will remember one of our long time members, Rich Abramczyk.  Rich was a faithful member of the Building and Grounds Team who loved working the Fish Fry.  His job, among others, was to put up all the signs to help direct people into the Fish Fry and Take Out areas.  With his passing, we need someone to take over his job.  It’s important.  It takes less than an hour a week.  It makes all the difference for our Fish Fry.  Can you help?  Please let me know (frbob@StAmbrose.us).

…Natalie English is back from maternity leave and taking care of our bulletin.  She’s ‘stressed’ not because of her second child but because she/we desperately need a few people to help take pictures at parish activities and events.  You don’t have to be a professional.  It’s an easy and important way to capture events for the bulletin and web.  If you can help (even once and a while) please contact Natalie at nenglish@StAmbrose.usShe/we will be so grateful.

…There’s a great ‘picture’ event coming up on Saturday, February 10.  It’s our annual World Marriage Day Mass and Dinner.  It’s a great night out and a wonderful opportunity for you to come and celebrate the blessing of your marriage while asking God to continue to be your health and strength.  After Mass join in a great meal and wonderful friendship.  It’s really a super night out for you and your spouse.  For more information or to reserve your tickets, please contact Helen at hsheridan@StAmbrose.us.

…Father Mike Denk will be coming to Saint Ambrose to help us kick off the Season of Lent on February 11-13.  His three day mission will help all of us use the forty days of Lent to deepen our prayer and grow more closely with the Lord.  Please make plans to join us.

…Little Black books for Lent are at the doors of the Church.  Did you know that our members will take over 1,400 books home with them this Lent.  Amazing!!!

…Did you also know that we have a wonderful outreach ministry to the Medina County Jail???  We will be having Mass at the jail this coming Tuesday evening.  It’s a great blessing to bring the light and love of the Lord to our brothers and sisters in their time of need.

…May God bless these final days of January.  Each day there is a little more sun – a little more light.  How can we keep focused on Christ, our source of light and hope in every season and age?  Have a blessed week.