The next project in our Vision 20/20 plan is the Church Renovation and update.

The Lehner Center addition provided much needed meeting space. The Parish Life Center provided greatly needed office space, meeting space and connectivity between the church, Hilkert Hall and the office. The PLC also allowed us to remove all the offices from the rectory, restoring it to its intended purpose, a home for our priests.

Each one of these projects addressed a great need within our parish, but not all of our members use the Lehner Center or Parish Life Center, or care that the buildings are now all connected. The church is the building that ALL of our members regularly use. The Church renovation will impact all of our members. Everyone will benefit from the project.

Our hope in the church renovation is to respect the sacrifice of those who built it 30 years ago, while creating a space that will be welcoming and inspiring for the next generation of worshipers. We hope to blend traditional elements of our faith with modern materials that will create a worship space representative of our community.

Why this campaign?

  • As outlined in the previous pages, you’ll see that for roughly $3 million in pledges collected to date and after paying $1.235 million to the diocese, we’ve done about $4 million in construction.
  • If you follow the timeline, you will notice we completed many projects by making use of many resources available to us: state funds, ministry donations, bingo, the parish festival, parish fish fry, Sunday collections and the previous campaign.
  • In the following pages, you’ll see that there are many immediate needs and opportunities before us. It’s important to note that every dollar of this campaign will stay within our parish and go towards the construction of our church. Every dollar contributed will be used to build a church to inspire thousands.
  • Since the initial campaign our parish has grown exponentially. Our grade school has grown, our number of families and parishioners have increased, our ministries have increased and the number of people we serve and provide for has dramatically increased.