Why do we need another campaign?
Since 2011, our parish has completed well over $4 million in capital projects thanks to the previous campaign and support of our generous members. The leaking roof has gotten worse and has led to other issues within the church building which have increased the cost JUST to repair the church. Visit www.StAmbrose.us/Vision2020 for details.

How is this campaign different?
This campaign is different because it is for God’s House. All the money raised through this campaign goes directly towards the Church. We aren’t paying a consultant – and no money goes to the diocese. All funds go directly to the Church Renovation.

What is our total goal?
Our goal is to raise $4 million dollars. This will give us the funds necessary to repair and renovate the church as shown in the renderings. It will also give us the funds to make some campus improvements along the way (ie additional parking lot repair, sidewalk repair, etc.).

When does the campaign start?
• Since January, we have been meeting with parishioners and hosting receptions to explain the renovation project and ask their support. We’ve been humbled by their generosity and support of the project.
• Over the next several weeks we will be reaching out to you and all our other members to join us in our efforts. We’ve seen time and time again that with good information our members make good decisions.
• Individual pledges can begin when it is most convenient for you and completed in a 5-year period. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jake Bihari: JBihari@StAmbrose.us or 216.215.5015.

How do I make a pledge?
Thank you – and God bless you! You can make a pledge by completing the enclosed Commitment Form and turning it into the parish office at any time.

When does the construction start and how long will we be out of the church?
Between now and May, we are working hard to raise the necessary funds to begin the project. Our hope is to start the construction in late August of this year. We would be able to celebrate Mass in the Church (with minimal interruption) through Christmas. Following Christmas, we will close the church for interior construction and celebrate Mass in Hilkert Hall. We hope to have an occupancy permit to celebrate Holy Week of next year in our newly renovated Church.