The Latest Vision 2020 Updates!

Our Stations of the Cross are ready! These were finished last week in Italy and will be shipped very soon to the US. They’ll be delivered to the Henninger’s warehouse for final preparations before being installed in our beautifully renovated church!

Vision 20/20 Church Renovation Update

We have been steady at it the past few months working on the church renovation!

Since we broke ground in August, we’ve made great progress:

  • The exterior walls were demolished
  • The steeple was removed*
  • The concrete footers and slabs for 4 of the 5 smaller additions were poured
  • The studs for the exterior walls are up
  • About half of the stained glass windows which will be relocated, were removed for safekeeping during construction
  • Rough in electric, drains and plumbing
  • The dormers which will replace the skylights are being built
  • Steel will be here within the next few days
  • All the materials for the roof were delivered and are onsite

*The steeple removal turned out to be a wonderful gift from God. In the early days when we were discerning whether to repair the issues or completely renovate, the steeple removal was not taken into consideration. It wasn’t until after we determined we would renovate the church that Marous Brothers Construction (MBC) concluded it was best to remove the steeple so that it could be repaired and renovated. When the steeple was removed in October, it was revealed that although the plans and blue prints indicated there would (and should) be roofing beneath it, there was nothing there. Once we removed the steeple and simply covered the spot where the steeple was with a tarp, the water stopped!

Over the next several weeks Marous Brothers Construction will continue working on:

  • Finishing the dormers
  • The Chapel renovation will begin

We’ve also made great progress on the interior selections and liturgical items:

  • We picked carpet and tiles, paint colors and wood stains.
  • The contract for the pews and chairs has been executed. It was a great process working with the committee to select the types of pews, chairs and finishes. We worked closely with the pew company to develop custom seating for our members with special considerations.
  • We released the contract for the Stations of the Cross. They were ordered through a local company, Henningers, who works with a company out of Italy. They are 16”x24” cast bronze reliefs. We had the chance to see an exact replica prior to ordering it – and it was extraordinary!
  • Norbert Koehn, our Liturgical Artist has been hard at work, working on the new altar, ambo, baptismal font, crucifix and holy water fonts. All the drawings we’ve seen have been exceptional and we’re looking forward to the final result.